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Sinner 01-02-2011 11:32 PM

So Sean has to study two quarterbacks
Hasselbeck will be ready - Whitehurst lit it up a little...

Hey fellow (and lady) WHO DATS...

Tell me something to relieve the fear of embarrassment. C'mon now. Help!

|Mitch| 01-02-2011 11:35 PM

Are Hasselbeck and Whitehurst good enough to warrant much studying? We beat them already once this year, nothing much should change...

lynwood 01-02-2011 11:41 PM

Like every saints game, I'll be nervous until it's over. Never assume anything.

Sinner 01-02-2011 11:45 PM

These are the games that bite us the hardest... Everybody better get their heart meds ready...

spkb25 01-02-2011 11:49 PM

Get up early, get rid of the crowd

spkb25 01-02-2011 11:49 PM

No excuse for us to lose this game.

UK_WhoDat 01-03-2011 06:54 AM


Originally Posted by spkb25 (Post 276017)
No excuse for us to lose this game.

It is a jungle out there, so you either get up to survive, or you die.
Not even the zebras are an excuse.

Choupique 01-03-2011 08:33 AM

Our defense will eat them alive, not to mention our offense.

Think of it as a West Coast sea chicken, yard bird outdoor BBQ.

We don't have to play in the sneaux.

SaintFanQ 01-03-2011 08:48 AM

If the Saints turn up with the injuries sorted and most important, the right attitude, mindset, whatever you want to call it, then we will be ok. If the Saints go in there with even the slightest thought that this should be a reasonably easy win, or whatever, then it will be playoffs over for the Saints!!!

We have the talent to go all the way, I really believe this, but we have to stop giving away all the penalty yardage we have been lately, committing turnovers etc. and make sure we execute the plays on both sides of the ball, to perfection. Do those things and we will be fine!!!!


WHO DAT!!!!!!!

papz 01-03-2011 09:58 AM

Sure it would have been great to get a first round bye, but we couldn't have asked for a better matchup. No excuses... get er done.

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