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BillyC 11-23-2003 09:21 PM

All I know is if the Saints don\'t make the playoffs someone has got to be held accountable. That somebody has got to be Haslett. I\'m not saying to fire Haslett, but some changes are going to have to be made in some areas like talent evaluttion. I don\'t think you can draft for the long term future anymore. The top 2 draft choices have to produce in their first year these days. Free agent production is critical to a team in their first year. But the most important things is that a coach has to get the players to play disciplined. Hasett got these players and he can\'t just get a free pass here. Now, I\'m not gonna go calling for him to get fired, because I want him back. But, I do want a top flight GM.

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SaintsVet 11-23-2003 09:25 PM

It is hard for me to read these inane posts from fans who have not been watching this team from the beginning. The most entertaining item I have read is trying to judge someone\'s knowledge or interest by the amount of posts they have made. The fact that anyone can make thousands of posts to any board has to indicate the lack of a productive life. Anyhow, the only reason I am making this virgin post is to make sure that real Saints fans know that AB is not a quarterback that can take us to the Super Bowl. The only reason he is playing is because we have no real alternative. He is obviously not an NFL caliber QB and it pains me to see the other players having to go to battle with him each week. Also, Haslett and Brooks will be on the same bus out of town after the season. :casstet:

BillyC 11-23-2003 09:27 PM


It is hard for me to read these inane posts
Me too. Like the one you just made :casstet:

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SaintsVet 11-23-2003 09:36 PM

Billy C. \'s circular logic

Someone must be accountable.
It must be Haslett.
He does not know talent.
High draft choices must have impact.
Haslett\'s team needs discipline.
However, I want Haslett back.
Fire the GM.

Free advice from Billy C., worth just about what you paid for it.


WhoDat 11-23-2003 09:36 PM

Wow Billy, you just said almost exactly what I said last off-season. You\'re right. This past off-season I was screaming about a need to get impact players in free agency and the draft. This team isn\'t going to upgrade a lot in the overall talent. You can\'t in this NFL. But they can get a couple of key players that are game-changers. Still, this will likely be another offseason of second-rate players that we hope are \"diamonds in the rough\".

This is basically why I want Haslett gone. Aside from the fact that this team still makes a ridiculous numbers of mental mistakes, and the players consistently underacheive (that\'s the head coach\'s fault), despite their ability to play a full anything - game, season, what-have-you, the worst thing about Haslett may be that he is in essence the GM.

Hear me out. Loomis is a numbers guy. We all know that. He may put us in a good financial position, which is important, but he can\'t evaluate talent. That means that the personnel decisions are made by Haslett. I doubt that you\'ll get a different GM without a different head coach. The same is true for the coordinators, and most of the personnel.

Honestly, when I look at this team, I STILL think we are three or four players away. A great LB and CB. A Safety, maybe WR or TE... QB (hehehe). Bottom line is, we\'ve got talent. We do. The problem is discipline, mental mistakes, and a desire to win. Haslett seems unable to change those problems over the last THREE seasons. That\'s why I want him gone. I don\'t want to squander this talent. Injuries have certainly hurt us this season, I won\'t argue that. But they may have cost us a game or two. Mental mistakes have cost us a LOT more. Underacheiving play, poor execution, bad play calling. That hurts us MUCH more. And that\'s all on Haslett. Billy - you want to see change, I suggest you start hoping for a new coach. Sorry man, that\'s just my opinion, but I can\'t see much of a chance for this team with Haslett at the helm. Hopefully he\'ll prove me wrong, but I doubt it.

BrooksMustGo 11-23-2003 09:43 PM

Welcome aboard Vet, good to see someone who gives as good as they get from Billy.

I almost think that maybe a pre-emptive flame from Billy should be part of every new members registration.

At any rate, would it be wrong to hope for an impact QB next season? ;)

WhoDat 11-23-2003 09:51 PM

Wrong? No. Futile? Yes. Unless, by some miracle, Haslett is canned in December and the Saints have a shot to deal in the offseason, but I wouldn\'t count on that.

SaintsVet 11-23-2003 10:05 PM

Here you go:

1. There is little or nothing to be gained by firing your head coach in the middle of the season.

2. Haz lost most of his cover when GM Mueller got canned, he was the talent guy, little brother has not done bad, but missed poorly on some key draft choices.

3. Haslett basically staked his job on AB\'s success this year, though he has had some better options, in my opinion, we all remember Jake Delhomme. But remember, Benson\'s fiscal restraint did not allow both, many teams would have. Just hearing Jake talk, he would have loved to play close to a bowl of authentic gumbo.

4. Loomis does not have the relationship with Haz like Mueller did, he should get a chance to get his own guy.

5. I would like to think that Stoops would go NFL, but it would be hard for him to leave Oklahoma, but I think quality coaches are available.

6. The good news is that we are not too far away, a quality QB this year and we would be 8-3 or 7-4, a new defensive coordinator and an LB or 2 and we are division champs.

SaintsVet 11-23-2003 10:24 PM

Parcells!!!!!!!! Absolutely, the talent level in the NFL is amazingly close, therefore, \"Any Given Sunday\" Bears over Broncos today? Coaching is truly what makes the average teams good and the good teams great........That being said, the coach must be given decent talent........that is why what Parcells has done is truly remarkable.....and guys like Cowher, Reeves, and Fassell need better talent. :mad2:

BrooksMustGo 11-23-2003 10:32 PM


I\'ve always thought you were pretty objective. As objective as any fan can be I suppose.

Call it like you see it, I\'ve even learned from Billy that way. I thought the whole idea with this forum was dialogue.

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