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blake6900 11-23-2003 03:28 PM

Brooks sucks...and that's the bottom line.
I can't wait for the usual suspects to blow smoke about how Brooks had nothing to do with losing this game. Forget the fumbles, how many QBs do you know that call an audible and then take a sack. If this moron had a brain he'd still be dumber than a stump. The Saints should have signed him to an incentive-laden contract, a very simple one: he should get paid when the Saints win and not when they don't. Then he could prove whether or not he's one of the top 5 QBs in the league because ever since he made that silly statement , he's gone on to prove he isn't.

This past week he stated he ran more (and, strangely was more successful) during the year he took over for Jeff Blake because he didn't know the offense that well. Now he supposedly knows the offense and he stinks. Someone oughtta arrest him for larceny because he's stealing money from the Saints' organization. They're paying Todd Bouman a million bucks this year so they might as well play him. They should bench Brooks (so he doesn't get hurt) and then next year hope they can find some team stupid enough (like some folks frequenting this website) to take him off their hands. Since he's making big money that's probably not likely but, because we're Saints fans, if we ain't got hope, we ain't got nothin'.

Situational awareness? Even if this guy could spell that term he wouldn't have the faintest idea what it means. Passing statistics are great only if a team wins. The Saints do not necessarily win with Brooks at the helm (look at their record with him as a starter) and the sooner Haslett figures that out the more likely he is to keep his job. Otherwise he's a goner...and rightfully so.

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saintfan 11-23-2003 03:39 PM

Brooks sucks...and that's the bottom line.
Do you people watch all the players and the entire game or does your tunnel vision limit you to watching Brooks? Just a curious question.

Pretty authoritative post Blake. ...and you get paid by...umm...who is it again that pays you for all this football knowledge.


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blake6900 11-23-2003 03:53 PM

Brooks sucks...and that's the bottom line.
I\'ve been a Saints fan ever since the day they drafted Archie Manning. And I\'ve forgotten more about football than most of the young pups that visit this site. And there are certains truths about the game that have to be accepted. And one is this: Teams are always more successful with a smart QB possessing a below average arm than they are with a ignorant QB possessing an above average arm. That\'s a fact and all the blind faith one can muster will never change that.

Brooks has all the raw talent in the world...and none of the smarts to use it wisely. That\'s another fact and those foolish enough to not believe it are also foolish enough to not know this is a Saints team that proves it...consistently...week after after game.

Can you imagine how successful this offense would be if it had McAlister and a QB that knew how to throw a screen pass...or read a defensive setup...or not call a timeout in the first offensive series of the game...or not throw the ball away on a two-point conversion...or not run into the fullback on a first and goal?

blake6900 11-23-2003 03:56 PM

Brooks sucks...and that's the bottom line.
And what I had to say is so true, I had to say it twice!


saintfan 11-23-2003 04:04 PM

Brooks sucks...and that's the bottom line.
Imagine...a line that could block for the screen pass, or block consistantly at all. A special teams unit that could kick a field goal. A defense that could stop someone...ANYone. Receivers that could catch more than they drop. Sure would be nice huh? I think a QB with eyes in the back of his head might help too.

blake6900 11-23-2003 04:11 PM

Brooks sucks...and that's the bottom line.
Hey saintfan, who I get paid by is not the issue. It\'s about football common sense and an ability to look at a situation and be able to determine why that situation exists. I have that ability and you don\'t because you\'ve put all your football eggs in the Aaron Brooks basket for so long, admitting he sucks would be tantamount to admitting you\'ve been wrong all this time.

BTW, you\'ll have to do better than some pissant personal attack to change the facts. Brooks has a great arm and no brain to go with it. Are the Saints perfect in every way elsewhere on the team? Of course not. But great quarterbacks have an inate talent for overcoming adversity. Brooks creates it. And if you could stop your insane defense of him long enough to see reality you might understand that. But you can\'t help yourself, can you? Fair enough. It\'s clear that this is more about you not being wrong than it is about his ability as a starting quarterback.

blake6900 11-23-2003 04:24 PM

Brooks sucks...and that's the bottom line.
Who cares? It doesn\'t matter how many times someone says something that\'s\'s still wrong.

Mark Twain once said, \"Better to appear to be a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.\"

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progress 11-23-2003 04:59 PM

Brooks sucks...and that's the bottom line.
It\'s very simple, for the last three years I have watched Brooks (the leader of the team) fumble snaps, fail to make the correct call at the line, fail to read the defense, and throw inaccurate passes to the point that every reciever on the team is afraid to go across the middle. When McCarthy came in we were supposed to install a West Coast Offense, but Brooks inability to read the middle of a defense and throw an accurate ball have all but removed anything that resembles a successfull west coast offense. Im not saying that we don\'t run anything resembling a WCO, but I am saying that the routes across the middle that are the basis of the WCO have not been successfull. Yes recievers are droping some balls, but I truly feel that it is a direct result of the inaccuracy of Brooks\'s passes. They are scared. Donte won\'t play unless he is 100%? Aaron has Donte scared to catch a pass, and I believe the same can be said for Pathon and its reaching the point that Horn is doing the same. Yes Boo had a big game today, but he was also split out as a wide reciever a lot today, and how many 5 yard catches across the middle did he have? I heard Kenny Wilkerson on Buddy D. this morning asking why the fans boo Brooks after an interception, yet they were chanting \"Deuce\" after his fumbles last week? Well I can tell you that I was chanting Deuce because Deuce will not make the same mistake again (We all saw him take care of the ball on his big run today), while Aaron is still bobbling snaps in week 12 of the season despite being a starting quaterback for 3 years now.

And one more thing, I hate that Brooks never puts his head down and cuts back inside when he scrambles. I can understand it if he has no chance of getting a first down, but he\'ll run straight to the sideline even if he needs just 1 more yard for the first.

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nocloning 11-23-2003 05:07 PM

Brooks sucks...and that's the bottom line.

Anybody think Haz might resign?
You\'re not the first one with that idea. I\'ll just quote myself from October 27th:

In my opinion he just wants out of N.O.
Benson won\'t like to pay him some big bucks when he fires him, so maybe they\'ll come to an agreement and Haslett will resign at the end of the season. For all the conspiracy theorists out there: He isn\'t on a sabotage mission, but - in my opinion - he feels like he has done everything he can to make them winners.

WhoDat 11-23-2003 05:25 PM

Brooks sucks...and that's the bottom line.
Come one guys. It\'s Deuce\'s fault! Can\'t you guys all see that? <sips the Tang> Brooks is the heart and soul of this team <tang me, tang me>.

You know what, that last part is probably true. Brooks perfectly embodies this team. Mental mistakes, inconsistent play, streaky, doesn\'t take care of the ball, no real sense of urgency. That sums up both this team and AB perfectly. I guess Saintfan and Billy are right. Brooks is the leader, and this team has taken on his personality.

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