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An honest question

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; There tends to be so much controversy about the play of Brooks and whether he (a) is already great and needs no changes (b) isn't always great but will become great (c) is constantly having to carry the rest of ...

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An honest question

There tends to be so much controversy about the play of Brooks and whether he (a) is already great and needs no changes (b) isn't always great but will become great (c) is constantly having to carry the rest of the offense because WR's won't catch the ball or (d) is the worst player to ever wear the black and gold.

I'm curious about the role Haslett's coaching plays in Brooks' development (or lack thereof). It seems to me that these statements cannot simultaneously be true.
1. Brooks is a great QB who will only get better
2. Haslett is exactly the coach this team needs.

For Brooks lovers--Are these mistakes and errors a coaching problem, a practice problem or something else?

For Brooks bashers--Is Brooks killing Haslett or the other way around?

I just find myself wondering how Brooks would respond to a guy like Jim Fassel who used to be a really good qb coach before he got the top job? I am almost willing to indulge the sneaking suspicion that Haslett is killing whatever potential Brooks ever had.
Any thoughts on the subject?
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An honest question

Of course Brooks will get better with time, as dumb as he seems at times, he will still pick up a few things with increased playing time. However, I don\'t think the problem is coaching, I believe the problem is very simple. He can\'t throw an accurate ball, therefore the recievers are scared to death to catch the ball. Maybe a QB coach can help him in that area, or then again maybe not. I guess the debate over his poor mechanics is a key issue, but i don\'t know enough about the mechanics of throwing a football to know if his accuracy problems are a direct result of his mechanics or not. (Despite those of you that will bring up Farve\'s mechanics, Farve was playing his best football when his mechanics were solid and he has been recently been returning to his old ways which have caused him problems). I do know that the last (Saints) play of the ball game could have been a completed pass had Brooks lobbed it instead of throwing a high bullet.
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An honest question

watching Brooks for a few years now it seems to me that he has a near perfect thrown from a mechanical standpoint. I don\'t think you\'d find a QB coach in the league that would want to alter the manner in which he CAN throw the football. I think the problem begins when he throws the football while in the heat of the game. His near perfect throwing motion suddenly becomes awkward. He throws too many balls off his back foot, doesn\'t alter the velocity of his motion to reflect the distance to the reciever or the angle required to put the ball where it is needed. He has the abilityto do it, but not the ability to recognize the best way to throw the ball for a given situation.
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An honest question

I think that Brooks has the talent. I think his problem is that he isn\'t getting what he should out of the experience he is getting. By this I mean, over time his mechanics should be alot better than they are. I\'m talking about how he hands the ball off, and how over time he should be able to know that if he attempts to throw the ball the defender coming is going to hit his arm. Things like this should be natural to him by now but instead it\'s his problem. Now I\'m not a Brooks basher or lover, I do think that he needs to \"get back to the basics.\"

Now I still don\'t think that Haslett is doing the job he should be doing. I just don\'t hear anything about how HE got the team together.

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