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BlackandBlue 11-25-2003 10:46 AM

Special Teams
Alright, people, what the hell???
I've been waiting for Lewis to break one all year, only to be disappointed. Is it Lewis? Is it the blocking? Is it Al Everest? Was thinking about that this past weekend, how a run back for a touchdown in the 3rd quarter could have brought us back into the game. From what I have seen, it appears that our players are flying around the field like they did last year. So WTH???


pakowitz 11-25-2003 10:49 AM

Special Teams
if you watch on kickoffs and punt returns, lewis runs straight for the sideline 90% of the time. i dont know if everest is calling for him to run to the sideline but geez, how bout we try up the middle for once?

BlackandBlue 11-25-2003 11:05 AM

Special Teams
I’ve heard various people talk about the success of KC and how Hall is patient with his blockers, in other words, he doesn’t outrun them. He gives his blockers time to setup, then he manipulates the rest of the field with his moves and speed. Lewis seems like he either calls for a fair catch when he shouldn’t, or he takes off as soon as he catches the ball.

WhoDat 11-25-2003 01:56 PM

Special Teams
Man, I\'ve been b*tching about this since week 4 BnB. The problem is Al Everest and it is extremely clear to me. THere has not been a single middle return called once this year. EVERY SINGLE return has been wedge right or left. Watch it. They\'ll call wedge right, the other team will kick it to the left corner, and Lewis will run all the way across the field with a caravan of blockers. It\'s retarded.

There have benn MANY times Lewis has come through the wedge untouched. The problem is that they are angled at the sideline, and usually within 5 yards of the sideline. It creates an easy barrier for opposing coverage teams. If we ever called a middle wedge and allowed Lewis to come through the wedge untouched in the middle of the field and then cut one way or the other, he\'d have brought back two or three by now at least. That\'s how most returns for TDs work. Allow a player to come through the wedge and make a cut to open field and then just outrun everyone to the corner.

My guess is that Al Everest sees that 90% or better of returns for TDs come down a sideline, so he simply calls the play to bring Lewis to the sideline. In all honesty, it\'s pure stupidity. This topic has been my single GREATEST source of frustration this season. Watch the rest of the games closely. I\'ll bet you that you will not see the wedge setup in the middle of the field and go straight up field one time. If it does happen, I\'ll bet you see a good return out of Lewis. Everest, of every coach on this team is the single most underacheiving. If I got to fire only one coach it would be probably be him. Then Venturi, Haslett, and finally McCarthy.

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