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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; 1. What do you think the Saints need to do this season for Haslett to DESERVE to keep his job? C. Make the playoffs. No question about it Haslett has had his chance if he can pull it out I\'ll ...

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1. What do you think the Saints need to do this season for Haslett to DESERVE to keep his job?
C. Make the playoffs.
No question about it Haslett has had his chance if he can pull it out I\'ll put up with another year but I think he needs to go. He may know football but he is a poor teacher and motivatior as demonistrated by the play on the field.

2. What should the Saints do at QB?

I\'m with either B or D on this one, Here is the problem with C if it is to be a real competion at the onset we have to bring in a top draft pick at QB(To risky also) or a big name free agent. Either is going to be costly with big sigining bonuses for each. A team can\'t afford to keep two starting level salaries at QB on a roster and with the sigining bonus players like that expect now we would incur to much dead cap money if we cut one , it\'s a no win situation money wise.
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1. What do you think the Saints need to do this season for Haslett to DESERVE to keep his job?

C. Make the playoffs.

2. What should the Saints do at QB?

E. Release Bouman and trade option Brooks for the potential draft pick to draft Eli Manning .
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1. A/B- I\'m not a big fan of Jim Haslett, but I will give him credit that he got us through a very injury plagued beginning of the season and was able to motivate this team enought to win 4 of 5 and be competetive enough to have had it be 5 of 5 in the middle. He needs to keep us competetive for the remainder of the season, and I would be satisfied with a winning record given the circumstances. If we finish 9-7 and don\'t make the playoffs, I give him some credit for holding this season together if we stay competetive through our late losses.

2. B- I would definitly get a project QB at back-up. I don\'t think Todd Bouman is a long term answer, but is a great second option. Getting a good prospect to let Brooks know that he is not the guaranteed starter for this team three years from now unless he develops beyond this point may be the motivation he needs to take that next step. He\'s not a write off and still needs time to develop, but given that time, if he fails to progress, he ceases to be in the plans.
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Here are the results SO FAR:

67% of posters feel Haslett must make the playoffs to deserve to keep his job
17% feel that he has to win the super bowl to stay
17% believe he\'s done enough already to warrant another year

33% of posters think the Saints need to find a new QB right now and deal AB away
33% feel that we should find a backup and groom him to replace Brooks
25% think that we need to go find someone in the draft or via free agency to compete for the starting spot
8% are happy enough with his play now to keep him without change

I\'d like to get more votes. If you haven\'t voted already, please do. Thanks men.... and women.

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You want more votes?


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B - Of course I want to make the playoffs, but I would be at least somewhat satisfied if his team made a real push and finished at 9-7 or 10-6. The only reason I would be happy with this is because I know we would likely loose any tiebreaker that would result from this record.
D - Unless Brooks starts playing with heart I\'d rather not see him in a N.O. uniform, he essentially has 5 weeks to show that he is willing to do whatever it takes to win or its time to move on before this team is broken up by the salary cap.

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A/B - Finding a young QB to develop through free agency won\'t work. So you\'ll have to go through the draft where we have more glaring needs to fill. If a Chris Simms type is available in round 3 get him, but don\'t use first or second rounders (unless it\'s the decision between a QB and an OL from Georgia).
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Damn, man, you\'re real bitter about that Stinch pick, aren\'t you? :P
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1. C

2. C
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1. B
2. B

I would like to see Eli on this team. I agree spending a high draft pick on a QB has usually been a mistake, but a Manning is a different story. I think he could contribute right away (meaning start) without much dropoff in results from Brooks, and he would subsequently improve rapidly. Brooks could be traded immediately to get help on defense, which is what we really need.

As far as #1, if we have a winning season, that means we will have gone 8-3 in the last 11 games, which is pretty good considering the injuries. However, I\'ve said before that the coach should not be judged entirely on outcomes. The GM should look at how he led the team given all the circumstances.

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