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saint5221 11-29-2003 07:44 PM

Haslett might fit Buffalo's bill

We can only hope.

Haslett might fit Buffalo's bill

By Bob Matthews
Democrat and Chronicle
The Associated Press

New Orleans coach Jim Haslett may become a candidate as the next coach of the Buffalo Bills. Haslett’s popularity in New Orleans is waning, and he could be on his way out after this season.

(November 29, 2003) — Jim Haslett might be available after all if the Buffalo Bills are looking for a new head coach after this season.

The former Bills linebacker has done a good job in his four seasons as coach of the New Orleans Saints (32-29 plus the franchise’s first-ever playoff victory) but could be wearing out his welcome and eager for a change.

Haslett was the Coach of the Year in 2000, but his critics point out the team’s late-season folding acts in 2001 (0-4 after a 7-5 start) and 2002 (0-3 after a 9-4 start). He also made an untimely decision early in last week’s 33-20 loss at Philadelphia and was subjected to a level of media and fan criticism that generally is reserved for coaches on their way out.

Deuce McAllister appeared to score a first-down TD for the Saints, but the head linesman who signaled a TD was overruled by another zebra. Haslett already had lost one challenge and didn’t want to risk wasting a second midway through the first quarter. He figured his team would score within three tries only inches from the goal line. But quarterback Aaron Brooks muffed the ensuing handoff. The Eagles recovered and scored on the subsequent drive for a 10-0 lead en route to a 33-20 victory.
Unfortunately for Haslett, replays showed that McAllister had scored, and the Saints would’ve had a 7-3 lead if he had tossed the red challenge flag.
Coaches on firm footing would be excused for such a decision, but Haslett’s growing number of fan and media critics cut him no slack.

Haslett probably would welcome a change of scenery, and Buffalo might be the perfect fit.

The best thing about Bills star cornerback Antoine Winfield’s public criticism of the team’s sputtering offense is that he was echoing the observations and frustrations of many of the fans and media. The Bills should have been running more and passing less this season, and everyone except head coach Gregg Williams and offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride seems to know it.

BrooksMustGo 11-29-2003 08:12 PM

Haslett might fit Buffalo's bill
I really wish, they\'d come and try to buy Haz out of his contract here, ala John Gruden.

WhoDat 11-30-2003 11:05 AM

Haslett might fit Buffalo's bill
Sounds great to me. Ditch him, and hopefully he\'ll take Venturi with him. I\'m ready for a new coach.

D_it_up 11-30-2003 02:09 PM

Haslett might fit Buffalo's bill
I\'ll admit that I was one of those all for Haslett at the beginning of this season, but I definitely think it\'s time for a change. Is Nick Saban available?

saint5221 11-30-2003 02:27 PM

Haslett might fit Buffalo's bill

Is Nick Saban available?
I think Saban would be a great NFL coach and his name seems to pop up around most rocky situations around the league. LSU just redid his contract and Saban has been very vocal about his staying at LSU at the onset of almost every rumor. He would be a great fit for this team though, a tough defensive coach with experience at all levels, great work ethic and a good motivator. Only scary thing is that description sounds a lot like Haslett when we hired him.

WhoDat 11-30-2003 08:01 PM

Haslett might fit Buffalo's bill
Saban is a much better coach, but if he goes Pro I think it will be in Chicago, where he is friends with the owners.

Hhmm... Can anyone name a guy who was calling for Haslett\'s head last offseason? I think he said that we should waste another year\'s worth of talent. Now it looks like two years of talent b/c Haslett will be back next season. Can anyone think of who that guy is?

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