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saint5221 11-30-2003 10:10 AM

Bouman gets 3yr extension
Saw this on ESPN's web site in John Clayton's quick hits, this was quiet hadn't heard a peep of this anywhere else.

Nov. 27, 2003
Saintly Quiet
The Saints quietly extended the contract of backup quarterback Todd Bouman, who was scheduled to be a free agent after the season. Bouman was acquired during the offseason in a trade from the Vikings. Bouman impressed coach Jim Haslett with his arm strength and ability to lead the offense behind Aaron Brooks. The three-year extension, which will keep Bouman with the Saints through the 2006 season, is believed to be worth between $3.6 million and $3.8 million.

WhoDat 11-30-2003 11:09 AM

Bouman gets 3yr extension
1.2 mill a year for a backup? Does that sound right to you guys?

nocloning 11-30-2003 11:15 AM

Bouman gets 3yr extension
June 1st 2003: St. Louis backup quarterback Marc Bulger on Sunday signed just a one-year contract for $375,000.

No, it doesn\'t sound right. You can get scared if you see some of the starting QBs in this league and a reasonably good backup is a nice safety net, but paying that kind of money - guess they got scared.

saint5221 11-30-2003 12:16 PM

Bouman gets 3yr extension
Here is the 2002 salary cap cost of nfl QBs. It is only a one year look, not a current year at that and only the actual cap cost, so can\'t tell which contracts are escalating fast, deferred incetives and bonus etc. But it does give something to look at Boumans deal with. I highlighted a few in Boumans range.
Here is the link to the site I got this from if you want to check it out, it has more complete info on all player salaries, nothing current though.

Manning, Peyton Colts $ 10,334,483
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Plummer, Jake Cardinals $ 8,679,899
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Brunell, Mark Jaguars $ 8,253,690
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Collins, Kerry Giants $ 7,383,600
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Stewart, Kordell Steelers $ 6,922,880
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Johnson, Brad Buccaneers $ 6,803,150
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Couch, Tim Browns $ 6,063,800
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Favre, Brett Packers $ 5,957,706
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* McNabb, Donovan Eagles $ 5,754,938
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Bledsoe, Drew Bills $ 5,001,530
Testaverde, Vinny Jets $ 4,922,067 ÂÂÂ*
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* McNair, Steve Titans $ 4,868,196
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Detmer, Koy Eagles $ 4,201,620
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Warner, Kurt Rams $ 3,990,000
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Flutie, Doug Chargers $ 3,761,966
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Gannon, Rich Raiders $ 3,714,285
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Griese, Brian Broncos $ 2,845,040
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Carr, David Texans $ 2,600,000
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Vick, Michael Falcons $ 2,550,000
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Kitna, Jon Bengals $ 2,501,260
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Smith, Akili Bengals $ 2,304,038
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Harrington, Joey Lions $ 2,300,000
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Garcia, Jeff 49ers $ 2,209,523
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Hasselbeck, Matt Seahawks $ 2,003,960
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Culpepper, Daunte Vikings $ 1,972,500
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Pennington, Chad Jets $ 1,964,407
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Dilfer, Trent Seahawks $ 1,751,800
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Fiedler, Jay Dolphins $ 1,716,629
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Brooks, Aaron Saints $ 1,587,473
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Collins, Todd Chiefs $ 1,416,666
ÂÂÂ* Frerotte, Gus Bengals $ 1,401,260
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Green, Trent Chiefs $ 1,400,000
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Miller, Jim Bears $ 1,300,000
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Beuerlein, Steve Broncos $ 1,229,140
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Detmer, Ty Lions $ 1,213,940
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Chandler, Chris Bears $ 1,169,456
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Brady, Tom Patriots $ 1,091,613
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Carter, Quincy Cowboys $ 983,893
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Ramsey, Patrick Redskins $ 964,000
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Van Pelt, Alex Bills $ 900,000
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Weinke, Chris Panthers $ 853,960
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Lucas, Ray Dolphins $ 791,666
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Bouman, Todd Vikings $ 787,563
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Holcomb, Kelly Browns $ 760,000
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Huard, Damon Patriots $ 730,600
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* King, Shaun Buccaneers $ 728,150
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Martin, Jamie Rams $ 727,023
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Brees, Drew Chargers $ 710,740
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Banks, Tony Texans $ 650,000
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Garrett, Jason Giants $ 650,000
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Maddox, Tommy Steelers $ 627,160
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Delhomme, Jake Saints $ 567,050
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Tuiasosopo, Marques Raiders $ 553,240
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Huard, Brock Colts $ 551,800
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Wuerffel, Danny Redskins $ 551,710
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Quinn, Jonathan Chiefs $ 540,020
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Redman, Chris Ravens $ 533,240
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Johnson, Rob Buccaneers $ 477,970
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Mirer, Rick Raiders $ 477,610
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Matthews, Shane Redskins $ 476,350
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Peete, Rodney Panthers $ 476,080
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Quinn, Mike Texans $ 464,180
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Blake, Jeff Ravens $ 451,350
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Pederson, Doug Packers $ 450,900
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Batch, Charlie Steelers $ 450,000
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Graham, Kent Jaguars $ 450,000
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Palmer, Jesse Giants $ 393,933
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Rattay, Tim 49ers $ 391,653
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Jackson, Jarious Broncos $ 391,166
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* McCown, Joshua Cardinals $ 386,000
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Volek, Billy Titans $ 375,000 $ 380,040
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Johnson, Doug Falcons $ 378,960
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Stoerner, Clint Cowboys $ 378,600
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Brown, Travis Bills $ 377,070
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* McMahon, Mike Lions $ 342,346
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Garrard, David Jaguars $ 331,000
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Burris, Henry Bears $ 330,040
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Bulger, Marc Rams $ 320,690
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Davey, Rohan Patriots $ 307,500
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Booty, Josh Browns $ 303,690
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Woodbury, Tory Jets $ 303,600
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Rosenfels, Sage Dolphins $ 300,000
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Wright, Anthony Ravens $ $ 291,176
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Fasani, Randy Panthers $ 268,750
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Kittner, Kurt Falcons $ 262,000
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Doman, Brandon 49ers $ 260,333
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Nall, Craig Packers $ 259,666
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* O\'Sullivan, JT Saints $ 247,666
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* George, Jeff Seahawks $ 238,235
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Burford, Seth Chargers $ 237,666
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Hill, Shaun Vikings $ 230,000
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Parsons, Preston Cardinals $ 229,333
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Feeley, AJ Eagles $ 225,406
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* McNown, Cade 49ers $ 200,000
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Husak, Todd Jets $ 194,118
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Kelly, Jeff Seahawks $ 185,294
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Dinkins, Darnell Giants $ 174,706
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Sauter, Cory Bears $ 154,412
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Bellisari, Steve Rams $ 145,000
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Covington, Scott Rams $ 105,882
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Germaine, Joe Bengals $ 79,412
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Hasselbeck, Tim Eagles $ 66,176
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ* Dickenson, Dave Lions $ 35,294

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D_it_up 11-30-2003 02:03 PM

Bouman gets 3yr extension
I know I\'m probably about to stir up a hornet\'s nest with this reply, but do any of you think this could be a way of lighting a fire under Aaron Brooks? By signing Bouman to this extension, could it mean a possible QB controversy for next season? Could it possibly be a ploy to get him out of New Orleans? Could he be a cap casualty next year? Or is this just a worse-case scenario of the Saints overspending again?

WhoDat 11-30-2003 07:58 PM

Bouman gets 3yr extension
Hhhmmm... interesting. I don\'t know D, but I might not be real surprised to see a controversy this offseason. Honestly, it\'s unlikely, but Brooks\' play, after having gotten much better by midseason, has turned back to poo from where I\'m sitting. Haslett has GOT to be feeling the pressure, and he might be getting worried that his ability to suceed in NO is tied a bit too tightly to AB\'s right now. Especially with the lack of support AB gets from AB and the media. He was getting ripped today during the Seattle game. The announcers were saying that Brooks can\'t get hit without dropping the ball. In any case, I think they just want to secure a good backup, but if Haslett is on the hot seat he may be willing to try anything to keep his job, and that may mean a open QB battle in the offseason. More likely than not, any so-called QB controversy is likely to be just lip service, b/c I seriously doubt Haslett will do anything without his son Aaron.

saintz08 11-30-2003 10:55 PM

Bouman gets 3yr extension
You would want a quality back up in position if you had a rookie getting the start .

Brooks and the first round pick for the shot at getting Eli ..........

Benson offered the whole draft for Peyton , could be a plan ........

BrooksMustGo 11-30-2003 11:16 PM

Bouman gets 3yr extension
BEAT has observed this thread and noted all who have spoken against the now and future king Brooks. He is destined to lead this team to greatness and any blasphemies spoken against him will not be tolerated.

Drink your orange beverage quietly and recall who took us to playoff victory glory.

saintz08 11-30-2003 11:22 PM

Bouman gets 3yr extension
Drink your orange beverage quietly and recall who took us to playoff victory glory.

Az Hakim ????

saintz08 12-01-2003 10:34 AM

Bouman gets 3yr extension
Here is something for the BEAT juicers ....


New Orleans

QB Aaron Brooks struggled down the stretch last season with a bum shoulder, and some insiders pointed to head coach Jim Haslett’s unwillingness to play then-backup Jake Delhomme as a reason the team collapsed and finished out of the playoffs. This year, Brooks is suffering from a sprained left knee that kept him out of practice for a time last week, and with the Saints clinging to dim playoff hopes, some insiders believe Brooks should be given some time to rest and give the team a chance to see what else they have at quarterback. Delhomme never really got a good look at quarterback before bolting via free agency to the Panthers, and this year, backup Todd Bouman is in the last year of his contract. Bouman is somewhat of an unknown, although he was productive in three starts with the Vikings in 2001, and the Saints must determine if he is worth keeping around next season. We’re told, however, that Haslett might not bother to play Bouman because he doesn’t want to open up a QB controversy by sitting Brooks when Brooks is healthy enough to play.

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