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saint5221 11-30-2003 02:15 PM

FOX rips Saints player turnoever ratio

They said Loomis might be in trouble because of his decisions to ship guys out.
But, most of the personnel moves that have come on Loomis\'s watch have been Hasletts\' call. Haslett has the loudest voice in personnel decisions, this is his team and if any head should be in the block for such decisions it should be his.

D_it_up 11-30-2003 02:21 PM

FOX rips Saints player turnoever ratio
Correct me if I\'m wrong, but wasn\'t Loomis hired after Mueller had made all the personnel moves last season? He\'s really only had one year of this under his belt, albeit not a very good year of it. He can\'t be the scapegoat for all of this. It\'s the coach\'s job to get his team ready to play. Haslett wanted most, if not all, of these players. Someone really has to pull head from ass down there to figure out where the major problem lies.

saint5221 11-30-2003 03:38 PM

FOX rips Saints player turnoever ratio
No problem with any of that Gator, I just like the bullseyes squarely where they belong and if one is to draw a bead on anyone now it\'s Haslett.

JOESAM2002 11-30-2003 06:36 PM

FOX rips Saints player turnoever ratio
If I\'m not mistaken Loomis was promoted from within the organization. I think he was under Mueller. I agree with some of the things said but Haz has to be held accountable for the non-production of his team.

blake6900 11-30-2003 06:42 PM

FOX rips Saints player turnoever ratio
With all due respect to Howie Long, the fact is he was a defensive lineman and just because he can string a sentence together (or read one from a teleprompter) doesn\'t necessarily mean he\'s an expert on the Saints\' personnel situation.

He should stick to giving the weekly report on his kid\'s high school team and leave it at that...

WhoDat 11-30-2003 07:47 PM

FOX rips Saints player turnoever ratio
I don\'t know if you would call it a \"promotion\". As I understand it, Mueller and Loomis were of equal rank, Mueller was head of personnel decisions (football operations if you will), Loomis was the head of business operations (finance and marketing I think). Loomis was moved to the GM position after Mueller was fired.

I agree Gator, but this is nothing new to me. I\'ve been screaming about how the Saints keep shipping out players since last season, but nobody wants to listen. A LOT of people on this board buy in to Haslett & Co. propoganda. Guys who were Pro Bowlers here get shipped out b/c they are distractions or scapegoats. If they don\'t produce somewhere else then everyone says, \"see that was a good move.\" I think that\'s BS. If they were producing here for years, there\'s no reason to think that they couldn\'t continue to do that. Joe Johnson is the perfect example. He was very good here, but hasn\'t done much since he left. Everyone says he\'s no good. Pat Swilling didn\'t do much after we let him go. Was he not a good player in New Orleans? Of course not. The bottom line is that Pat went to the Pro Bowl a lot. He was always fighting to lead the LEAGUE in sacks as a Saint.

In any case, the real issue is that this team is poorly coached. The only guy, in my opinion, who has played consistently and up to potential this season is Deuce. There is NO other player I can say that about right now. Sure, some blame has to go to the players, but a lot has to go to the coach also.

All I can say about today is that I am VERY happy we got Deuce, and glad that we pulled a win out. Otherwise, there\'s not a lot of positive I can say about this team. We beat teams who want to lose more than we do. This is not a playoff caliber team. Even if we make it there, I will continue to think that we are undeserving unless the sloppy play (i.e. penalties, turnovers, drops, missed blocks, missed tackles, and just overall poor execution) is corrected. This team, is an utter disappointment right now. I can\'t say that I didn\'t see it coming, but... I am SO tired of records (big and small) being made against us. I am so tired of seeing us on defense in the highlight reels. ESPN did a think on Stephen Davis this morning. 8 of the first 10 highlists were him scorching the Saints. 80% of the damn highlights!!! I am so f---ing tired of being the laughing stock of the league. Man.

WhoDat 11-30-2003 08:11 PM

FOX rips Saints player turnoever ratio
One leg, one arm? Sacked 23 times for -230 yards, three fumbles, 8 INTS, 2-40 passing... \"I think I owned them in my eyes.\"

In other news, Saints QB Todd Bouman was arrested today after assaulting Saints Head Coach Jim Haslett during the game Sunday. Apparently, Bouman felt he was being slighted and hit Haslett over the head with bucket of Tang.

Said Saints Head Coach and victim Jim Haslett, \"I think Aaron gives us the best chance to win. Bouman could start anywhere else in this league, but if you look, you\'ll clearly see that Aaron actually has both of his arms and legs. Now, with Bouman gone, there is no good backup, so AB will continue to start. I think he owned them today... at least in my eyes he did.\"

saintz08 11-30-2003 11:15 PM

FOX rips Saints player turnoever ratio
Announcers ripped the Saints too for looking good on paper and not being able to put the team together and keeping them together .

Leadership with this team is a real issue .

BrooksMustGo 11-30-2003 11:17 PM

FOX rips Saints player turnoever ratio
I think once we draft a few more guys from Georgia all our problems should be solved.

rich006 12-01-2003 01:02 AM

FOX rips Saints player turnoever ratio
Leadership is the real issue, no doubt. But I think what\'s needed is leadership on the field. Great teams have it. Bad teams don\'t. This team doesn\'t, and no coaching can substitute for it. You have to have players who can lead, specifically a QB on offense and a MLB or SS on defense. We have neither. Just imagine the difference it would make to have Ray Lewis or Steve McNair-- aside from being great players, they also make everyone around them play better.

I don\'t know if Haslett is a good coach or not, but he can\'t be on the field to fill the needed leadership role there. No amount of preparation can keep the team focused 100% on each play during the game.

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