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ESPN reporting Sean Payton Purchases Home in Dallas

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; It makes me uncomfortable. It feels as if New Orleans is not a big enough market for any one of these guys to live in? Are the school systems not good enough either? Why is he already thinking about retirement? ...

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Threaded by NOLA54
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It makes me uncomfortable. It feels as if New Orleans is not a big enough market for any one of these guys to live in? Are the school systems not good enough either? Why is he already thinking about retirement? Are you kidding me? I do not trust Benson & now I do not trust Payton.
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Hmmmmm, where to start.
Private plane, private airstrip, I understand that.
It is not as if he will be going through TSA, boarding, baggage, etc.
His car is an airplane. Private pilot is the chauf.

Many people, NFL coaches, players, have wife and schooled aged kids in a home based city, and they are in the team's season during the season. Even moreso if their wives are in their own profession. I get that.
Mrs.Payton . is a stay-at-home mom and has her charity work.
I get that he has a full, real, normal life like any of us with work and family ,friends too.

Place they want to live when they retire....Mrs. and Mrs. Sean P. are very young.

NFL coaches, head coaches and the coaching staff, don't stay around forever like in they did in the Tom Landry NFL years.
They all know of each other or know of each other having worked together at some point.
I get that too.

I don't get if he is planning on computing daily to Dallas-N.O.
I think that would be hard to do. His job hours don't sort of go, 9:00-5:00 with 1 hour lunch, no exceptions.

Whatever. Whatever works for him and his family. I hope before he and his coaching staff and team leave, and yeah that means Brees too, they have one more superseason.

It would make it far easier for N.O. Saints to rebuild.

I still say, hmmm.
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Better Schools.
Less Crime.
New Homes.

I'd have a couple of houses if I earned a few million a year.
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Schools everybody is saying , but schools don't matter when you are wealthy or even middle class.
I am sure Mr.s &Mrs. had their kids here in private school and will have them in private school there.
He did not live here and won't live there or anywhere around crime.
Now, he and wife had an awful mess in their home here(Northshore) with that Chinese dry wall. If I were them I would have moved out asap and had the thing sold as is or torn down.

Everybody has in the back of their minds, he is preparing to take on Dallas HC job in another year. Maybe he is and maybe he is not planning on there. I know the guy is leaving N.O.S. one day.
I wouldthink working for JerryJones would be a nightmare. S.P already worked for him, so maybe he can handle JJ and DC fans.
A team like DC is hard in that they have been winners of the big prize before and winners for a span of years and under different coaches and teams.
Teams like our Saints, easier and less pressure because the big prize was never won and winning seasons Pre-Payton consisted of 8-8, first round Playoffs, etc.
For this reason, I hope he and this team can win one more strong season if not the big prize.
It would make N.O.S. a more lucrative team for the best coaches to aim for and players too.
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Originally Posted by Halo View Post

Everyone knows that the Saints facility is down the street from the New Orleans International airport right?? --about 5 minutes

See here Google Maps

yeah no worries here.
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You can't sell me on the fact that he wouldn't leave NOLA for Dallas FIRST THING if that job opens up again ... If Garrett stumbles in Dallas next year (and I say he will go 7-9) then Payton will be GONE from N.O. and onto Dallas ...

His wife obviously doesn't love NOLA ... And I don't know about you guys on the board, but WIVES ultimately decide A LOT of things in a marriage.

Just sayin'
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I wqouldn't have worried much if he classified it as a second home but he didn't. Commuting back and forth each way is fine for the offseason but when the season starts it just won't be practical. He needs to be where his office is located. Maybe he is still paying G.W. out of his own pocket?
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He does need to come out and address it in interview at the least...
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As long as he's coaching the Saints next year, he can go live in BumF**kEgypt for all I care.
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