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jm 12-01-2003 01:16 PM

Play selections ?
I know I'm ignorant about a lot of things, but why did the Saints go into a passing mode on the next to last possession? Brooks had problems passing most of the day and Deuce performed well, why didn't we run Deuce 3 straight times and take time and time outs away from the Skins? Instead we had 2 incompletions and one run then a punt. Giving the skins the ball and over 2 minutes and 2 time outs left. If we run and get a 1st down the game is over and even if we don't get the 1st down they will burn both time outs or run time of the clock. I guess that is why I'm a dumb fan and Haz is the coach. There are times to throw but when it hasn't clicked for most of the day you try to limit your mistakes. Oh well, a win is a win !

tweeky 12-01-2003 02:11 PM

Play selections ?
Welcome to my world...
Its called \"WTF are we doing that for?\"

saintfan 12-01-2003 03:48 PM

Play selections ?
Deuce was performing well, but he got smacked in the knee by a helment and according to the article I read was not exactly 100 percent. I don\'t think Haz wanted any one else running the football cause bad $#@* just seems to follow his team this year. That\'s probably why they just \"took a knee\" and punted with, what was it, 12 seconds left on the clock. Just a guess. Unlike many others here I don\'t pretend to know it all.


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