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We've come a long way

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; As a long time Saints fan, I remember the bad old days when the Saints season was effectively over by October because the Saints usually would lose 3 out of 4 of the games in September and would be behind ...

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Talking We've come a long way

As a long time Saints fan, I remember the bad old days when the Saints season was effectively over by October because the Saints usually would lose 3 out of 4 of the games in September and would be behind the 8-ball in the division and tie-breaker situations to teams like Philly, Bears, etc.

Now its is unusual for the Saints to lose more than 4 or 5 games.

The Saints are regularly picked by all the major sports commentators to win the division and/or make a deep run in the playoffs, AND no one questions them for doing it.

Ditto when Super Bowl picks comes up; even before pre-season.

I am not taking a shot at anyone that did, but I am proud to say that I NEVER wore a bag over my head back when it was fashionable to do so. I understand that it is one of the things that separates the Saints and New Orleans from the rest of the league and it is uniquely ours.

Our Saints are 1 year removed from a Super Bowl win over a team that a lot of people picked to repeat the 42-10 beat down they put on us in '07. Instead, the Saints outscored that team 25-7 after the 1st QUARTER. You can count on one hand the # of teams that have done that!!

I live in Shreveport, LA, and as a lot of you know, this is ground zero for bandwagon Saints/Cowboys fans. I wear a Saints cap virtually everywhere I go, and it always amuses me when I get in line at a store with people wearing Cowboys gear, they find something interesting to look at on the tops of their shoes when I have my Saints hat on.

If there is a season this year, I am sure the local Fox channel here, KMSS-33, will run another of their dumb a$$ polls asking fans if they want to see the Saints or Cowboys play. Even though these gutless Brokeback Mountain Boys fans' cheat, the Saints ALWAYS win the polls.

It is almost Valentines Day, and since I got the wife a card telling her how much I love her, so I thought I would do the same for MY Saints.

Geaux Saints!!!

"A Veteran is someone who, at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable to "The United States of America" for an amount of "up to and including my life."
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I remember that beat down and I bet they remembered it too right up until the time when we won the Superbowl!
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The Saints will have a chance to pay back that regular season beatdown in 2011 (if there is a season) as they play Indy at home.
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Good thread 656 it did make me think of years not that long ago. I think Mora started the curve up and Haslett had some success but ths SP/Brees era is
over the top. I think that is why everyone is upset about this new Dallas home and the thought of losing him.
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Benson and Loomis don't have a problem with it, so I don't have a problem with it.
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Overall, the Saints have been a pretty decent team since Tom Benson bought the club. The low periods during the Benson era can be directed at the QB position. Not that the QB is the entire team, but think about it for a second. The Mora era basically went to hell once Hebert left, Ditka could never find a true consistent starter, Haslett had some success with Blake and Brooks, then Payton hit it big time with Brees. People say the NFL is a quarter back league these days, heck, it's always been that way.
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IMO, the anchor dragging the Saints down under Mora was OC Carl Smith.

The Saints had as good an overall TEAM as they do now.

If we could bring the Dome Patrol at their peak and have them play with the current Saints team, the Super Bowl trophy would be known as the Saintsbardi!
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It's getting difficult to find a paper bag anymore. I would hope that anybody sitting next to me with a bag on their head would at least have the decency to make it plastic.
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When I met my wife, we were on our 1st date, and she asked if I was into sports. She said, "Who do you like, the Cowboys?" I said, "No, I wish I could like a team that wins. My team sucks, they've always sucked, and we'll probably suck again this year, but I love them anyway." That was back then.

footnote: I ended that statement with, "But we're in New Orleans, so we're having fun, our fans are crazy, so we're having fun, and our colors are black and shiny gold, so you're gonna love getting dressed up."

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Originally Posted by skymike View Post
so you're gonna love getting dressed up."
I know it a Quarter thing with you.
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