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Goodbye to all...

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; With regrets I wanted to let you all know I'll be gone...for a while anyway. In my most humble opinion, and unfortunately, this web site has become more and more anti-anything with respect to the New Orleans Saints. I have ...

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Goodbye to all...

With regrets I wanted to let you all know I'll be gone...for a while anyway. In my most humble opinion, and unfortunately, this web site has become more and more anti-anything with respect to the New Orleans Saints. I have participated in some rather heated debates and have enjoyed most of them. Lately, though, this site has become overrun with Bashers and Know-It-Alls and Armchair QB's and the like and it's no longer a pleasure debating topics here. To disagree with one has become to disagree with virtually everyone, and I don't post here with the intention of drawing the wrath of the moderator.

I know that we all, deep in our hearts, want the Saints to do well, and so I'm in that clan with you all, but the sarcasm and tounge-in-cheek references and quite honestly the "good 'ol boy" standard that has become prevelant here has removed any enjoyment from participating. My method of defense has become more and more to the point and I am aware that this isn't sitting too well with the Moderator. Although the rules do seem to be a bit tilted I'll let that sleeping dog lie.

My best to all of you and to our Saints!
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Goodbye to all...

Don\'t give up yet saintfan. I too have become annoyed with the incessant negativism on this board but there are still a few of us who express realistic hope and maintain realistic optimism.
I joined another board and trust me, they have their own share of \"find the negatives and hammer it endlessly\" types.

Saint bashing, I\'m afraid, is a result of a zillion heartbreaks and endless losing streaks.
No matter where you go, they are gonna be there to point out every negative aspect of this team. I think its simply a childish attemp to cushion the emotional blow IF we do crash and burn. Girly Cowards in my book.
If I\'m going down, I\'m going down swingin\'!

I enjoy you posts quite a bit and this site will definitely suffer if you decide to leave it.

One atom says to another,
\"I think you lost a proton!\"
\"How you know?\" asks the other.
\"Cause you\'re so negative!\"

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Whether we agree or disagree; its all for Him.
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Goodbye to all...

I know this is probably irrelevant, but I don\'t like to see anyone go.

I have been following this board for a good two years now, and I was only moved to post in the last month. My main motivation was to get some clarity on things I couldn\'t understand. I think I\'ve gained some. It is always nice to hear that some people agree with an idea you have, and it is equally nice to hear the ideas of the people who don\'t (at least when they\'re on topic).

To be honest, I\'m not sure why so many people simply end up bashing each other. Perhaps it is just a sad fact of our nature that we like to win? At any rate, I think it is hard not to get frustrated. I\'m sorry you\'ve decided to leave us; there may be many silent observers who agreed, learned, or saw something in these arguments - they are the ones who lose when someone leaves.

"... I was beating them with my eyes the whole game..." - Aaron Brooks :cool:
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Goodbye to all...

So this is what happens when a carefully constructed dream world collapses.

I\'m just joking Saintfan. You know that there are few I love to hate more than you. I do wish you would reconsider. Another idea might be to rethink you perceptions about this team. I\'m not telling you change b/c of us, however if this many people disagreed with me I would have a hard time being as confident as you seem to be.

In my opinion, this type of criticism tends to polarize people in two types of groups. One group gets worried and questions his views. The other tends to do what I believe Haslett did last year with AB, and that\'s to sink even more faith into an idea simply as a defense mechanism. I wonder if you haven\'t done that yourself. I mean, in a seriousness, do you think that virtually everyone here is just that wrong? Certainly, we\'ve got our share of numb skulls here, but some of us do understand a little bit about football. Can it be that all of these people who love this team and watch them religiously see the same set of problems, and we\'re all seeing just flat wrong? If you answer that question yes, then I would leave too. If the answer is no, then consider staying and try to reevaluate this team unbiasedly.

\"Excuses, excuses, excuses. That’s all anyone ever makes for the New Orleans Saints’ organization.\" - Eric Narcisse

\"Being a Saints fan is almost like being addicted to crack,\"
he said.[i]\"You know you should stop, but you just can\'t.\"
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Goodbye to all...

I don\'t want to see anyone leave. I just don\'t want to see things get on a personal attack level. We all know this isn\'t allowed. This is a discussion board not a contest to be won or lost. We all differ in opinion, and that\'s just what they are, opinions. If I stated mine i\'m sure some would think i\'m crazy. All I ask is that we keep it civil. Not to much to ask I don\'t think.
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Goodbye to all...

This is a suprise. I thought we were all in agreement that everyone that posts here knows everything, regardless of whether or not viewpoints differ. I don\'t come here to try and set the world on fire, nor do I expect to change anyone\'s mind. I come here to talk football, and suprisingly, learn something every now and then. But 99% of the time, I leave here with the same opinion that I came with. And I\'m pretty sure most everyone else does as well.
Now, be honest, is this about the \"same exact\" debate? :P
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Goodbye to all...

Yeah right .......

Saintsfan , is burnin his vacation time and sick days before years end .

And roastin some posters along the way ........
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Goodbye to all...

My method of defense has become more and more to the point and I am aware that this isn\'t sitting too well with the Moderator.--Saintfan

This guy\'s method of defense has been seen by one and all. For those of us who have disagreed with him, he\'s put words in our mouths and then proceeded to argue with those words. When that doesn\'t work he resorts to personal attacks.

Fari enough. I\'m a big boy...I can handle it. I have yet to subject him to the same treatment because there\'s no point in it. His behavior simply reflects an inability to admit he\'s been living on the wrong side of the debate. So now he\'s gonna take his marbles and go home...

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Goodbye to all...

Saintsfan , marbles ???

I thought he had lost those along time ago .......
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Goodbye to all...

What\'s up folks? I\'ve been away for a bit and I see all is not well in paradise. I\'m also seeing a bunch if editing going on and this time I had nothing to do with it. :P Now let\'s get down to some serious business...........

If ANYONE can relate to saintfan it would be ME. This board is full of BASHERS and we all know I feel about that. I have come to understand that they are TRUE saints fans, but they just like to BASH and be negitive, for whatever reason, when the glass could just as easily be looked at as half full. When you\'re 6-6, that\'s exactly what you have !!

Some members have prasied teams like the Cowboys and Panthers but yet they are only 2-games ahead of the Saints and could likely only be 1-game ahead of us after Sunday. Personally, I could care less what the negetive folks think. They ain\'t changing my mind. I\'ve got 2-eyes and a brain. I can think for myself. It\'s a roller coaster ride and if ANYONE wants to tell me the Saints are not going to the playoffs, then if they were that good, they would be making a living a predicting this stuff.

I know I\'ll probably will never get anyone to change their mind or get them to admit they are WRONG, but I\'ll keep giving it a shot.

saintfan -- You once told me to not let them bother me and keep speaking my mind. Now, I offer you that same advice. Screw \'em -- LOL

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