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JOESAM2002 11-05-2002 12:59 AM

Coaching: Big Factor in this year's NFL
Good point Gatorman, Monday nights game was a prime example. The Dolphins went to Lambeau Field Sunday night just because Wanstadt wanted them to concentrate on the game instead of the visitors dressing room. The visitors dressing room has not been finished at the field so they are using portable buildings to dress in. One small problem, it didn\'t help as the Packers beat the Dolphins soundly.

saintz08 11-05-2002 01:51 AM

Coaching: Big Factor in this year's NFL
The coaching is an important factor , but I have to say that more importantly you have to look at one outstanding factor in most of these success stories . The GM , he is the one that puts the talent on the field for the coach to coach . The 2 cinderella teams currently , San Diego and New Orleans , both had Gm changes in the last few years .

Holmgren is a good coach , lousy GM . Teams currently need a steady stream of talented players in the draft and careful selection of veteran players in free agency .Neither Houston or Cleveland had nearly the success of Carolina and Jacksonville in their first year , the key was the GM . The point can be proven by using Dom Capers as the measuring stick , will he have as much early success with Houston as he did with Carolina ?

whodatsaintsfan26 11-05-2002 09:07 PM

Coaching: Big Factor in this year's NFL
I agree that you have to have a good GM, but how many times have you seen a team with a lot of talent i.e Cincinnati and the coach not use it right. Look at Washington. Snyder brings in a boat load of talent (some of it aging) and none of the coaches can coach those players. A coach is stuck if you bring in a guy for big bucks and he not contribute( albert connell) I think you have to be stronger in the coaching dept. than in the GM box. Just one mans opinion.

JOESAM2002 11-05-2002 10:45 PM

Coaching: Big Factor in this year's NFL
Point well taken. That\'s why you don\'t see some names on the Saints roster that were on it last year. Look and listen to the players this year, they talk about this team being more like a family. Whodat is right, look at the Redskins, wow what talent but if you can\'t coach them what good are they. The Redskins defense has 3 former Pro Bowlers at linebacker and arguably the best set of corners in the business. Add in Marvin Lewis, this guy is a defensive coach. Even he can\'t get them to play as a unit. So what do you have? The G.M. did his job, the coach is trying to do his but still they haven\'t jelled. Might be a case of To many chiefs and not enough Indains.

saintz08 11-06-2002 01:12 AM

Coaching: Big Factor in this year's NFL
Chemistry , Talent and Coaching .

All a piece of the puzzle , Redskins have all the talent and coaching money can buy , but the seasoned veterans with the big bucks do not have what the Patriots , Broncos and Rams had . The Hunger .

Elway had something to prove .
Brady had something to prove .
Warner had something to prove .

When a player looses the hunger and desire to prove play in and play out he is the best , he settles .

SaintStoneyMount 11-06-2002 10:43 AM

Coaching: Big Factor in this year's NFL
I watched a documentary on Steve Young and he said some things about the 49er\'s organization that struck a cord and that seem to be core to every successful organization. He said that in San Fransico there is a tradition of winning. It is expected of the teams. I think that certain teams in the league have developed this as an organization. It starts with an owner ie. Al Davis (just win baby) and the owner brings in a GM that can put the pieces in place. If the GM doesn\'t get it done...bye bye. The coach givin the tools has to put together the right game plan. If not...bye bye. And the players have to perform...or else...see ya. Once the expectation is set nothing else is excepted. I think that\'s why you see the same teams year after year putting out winning programs. Other organizations may have a good year here or there, but certain teams are always contending for the championship (San Fran, Green Bay, Oakland)

Then there are teams like the Bengals who aren\'t expected to do anything.


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