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saint5221 12-03-2003 11:34 AM

A Winning Record is Finally in Our Reach!
This weekends Game against the Bucs is a very winnable game with some good match ups for us. Also it could put us in the winning side of the colum for the first time this season. Every game is a must win monster from here on out, but this one could be the turning point up instead of down and out.

We already know the run defense of the Bucs is soft in the middle, But the passing game should have its chances to make plays this week. The Bucs already thin at CB lost another starting corner ,Wansley and the secondary is getting resuffled again. The Bucs are moving there FS Dwight Smith to corner and bringing in reserve FS Jermaine Phillips off the bench to play SS. Lynch is just back and not a good cover safety now. This is a patchwork secondary at best. If the Bucs load the box to controll Deuce we have to make them pay. Joe and Jarome need to get back on track and take advantage of the chances to exploit some serious mismatches.

Joe Jurevicius was placed on injured reserve and McCardell is still banged up. That leaves an already weak group of recivers even weaker. Add the injuries and poor play of the Bucs O line, a good passing but not mobile QB and the opportunities for Grant and Howard are there as well. We should be able to put an extra player in the box and help our weak running defense and hold our own in the secondary .

Since the Jags knocked them out of the playoffs already the Bucs don't have much to play for. The only thing left is pride and the chance to knock off a team that swept them last year and prevent it from happening again. While spoiler is a fun role for some I find it hard to see this team and its ego embracing this role whole heartedly after there lofty ambitions for this season. I don't think they will roll over like dogs and let us rub there soft bellies, but this is a team falling apart.

If we can somehow avoid all the early mistakes, punch them hard fast, get some points on the board early, its big two ways. 1: Mentaly it hurts them, confidence is in short supply on this team ,lets make it crumble more. 2: Points early will force them to pass more. A very good thing for us as the Bucs don't pass well and we have problems against the run, even a mediorce attack like the Bucs.

A team as eratic as the Saints can struggle and lose to anyone, but the chances should be there for us this week. This game could be a big confidence booster and a key to this season, if we step up and take it. Make the plays and not the mistakes.

I'd like to hear what every one else thinks about this game.

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WhoDat 12-03-2003 06:32 PM

A Winning Record is Finally in Our Reach!
Amen to that Gator.

saint5221 12-03-2003 10:20 PM

A Winning Record is Finally in Our Reach!
Come on guys lets see some posts, I\'d really like to hear your views on this weeks game. There are not many of these things left so lets hear it. I said what I think I\'d like to hear some other takes on this. This could be the end of our season or the one the gives us real pride and hope.

BillyC 12-03-2003 10:27 PM

A Winning Record is Finally in Our Reach!
5221 --

Who\'s the team that the Bucs would like to beat the most? That\'s right !! They would like to knock us out of the playoffs more than anything. After us beating them 3-times in a row, I think this Sunday is their super bowl.

I don\'t like this match-up, but then again we could blow them out. The saints and the Bucs are just too unpredictable and it could go any way. If I were going to put money on it, I would take the Saints. Deuce will be too much. If Donte\' is back it should open things up in the passing game.

P.S. -- I also just read where we resigned David Sloan.

WhoDat 12-03-2003 10:33 PM

A Winning Record is Finally in Our Reach!

I go into every game feeling sick 5221. That\'s the truth right now. There is that slight glimmer of hope that I hold onto, and every game right now doesn\'t feel to me like a way to move a step closer but a chance to shoot ourselves in the foot one more time. I mean, honestly, how better to describe this season then football full of mistakes and underachievement?

Can we beat Tampa? Yes. Can we beat NYG? Yes. Can we beat Jacksonville? Yes. Can we beat Dallas? Yes. Can we do all of those things... I want to say yes, but the logic-based part of me keeps interfering and I just can\'t see it. I don\'t know. I\'m a Saints fan. I\'ve witnessed a team finding so many ways to hurt themselves over the last few decades that it\'s hard to imagine a world where they helped themselves for once. There\'s just too much history for me to believe that the Saints will win 4 straight and the teams we need to lose will lose enough. I HOPE we can, but I just don\'t believe right now. This team has proven time and again that it doesn\'t have what it takes to win when it counts. That goes for this season, the Haslett era, and their existence in general.

subguy 12-03-2003 11:52 PM

A Winning Record is Finally in Our Reach!
This game is about the matchup. We matchup well against the Bucs. As we used to the Rams when they were giving every team issues. I think AB is a major key he needs a huge game. I think consevative play will kill us....these guys are banged up. Let see Mr. Horn show his capabilities. I still think Brooks will have to have a good, smart game. They want us, as did the Rams. But the matchup over shadows that. Saints by 6.

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