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pakowitz 11-05-2002 09:47 PM

MNF on Brett Farve's Nuts
i agree, everyone just kisses favre\'s a$&, i mean come on, he is good but give me a break all ready.

SaintStoneyMount 11-06-2002 11:02 AM

MNF on Brett Farve's Nuts
Brett Farve--Media darling Nuff said

pakowitz 11-06-2002 12:16 PM

MNF on Brett Farve's Nuts
u know what got me on the whole brett favre thing, was that everyone was soooo concerend when he might have actually been injured, i mean come on, 165 starts is a good accomplishment but all the coverage on his injury was just too much, do i really care? H3LL no, i cant wait till the playoffs, hopefully the saints will play the pack and can again dominate them, so people will stop talking about how great brett favre is, cuz i just dont give a sheeeeeet

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