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blueslover 12-07-2003 06:47 PM

The Latest Answer for the fleur de lis po boys
Though I have lived far away from Louisiana for many years I have somehow stayed a Saints fan :casstet: . I sometimes wonder if we are destined to be the Cubs of football. Just once in my lifetime the hearty fans there deserve a chammpionship. Much like LSU... I was too young to remember the Deitzel glory years. 45 years later they get another shot (in LA too!!). There could be better or worse choices than retaining Haslett so I am not strongly opinionated about his future. After today's loss to TB I am now very opinionated one thing, Brooks :mad: :) . The fumbles and ineptness in the red zone has been central to failure all season. Trade him and his contract for whatever draft picks he might bring. Do whatever is necessary short of a Rickey deal to get Eli. Bouman was the preferred choice over Brooks anyway. Let him start and Eli can be groomed to seek the success his dad never found. Besides after a third straight frustrating year he would be a perfect PR move to generate ticket sales. Anybody here agree?

JOESAM2002 12-07-2003 07:47 PM

The Latest Answer for the fleur de lis po boys
Good to have you here with us blueslover. I agree with the point that if the team falls apart again this year as in the past, they\'ll have to sign someone with a very big name to sell season tickets for next year. I would like to see Eli with the Saints, but I don\'t look for it to happen.

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