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WhoDat 12-07-2003 10:47 PM

Worth Keeping?
Pure stats on AB:

13th in the league in yards
10th in the league in TDs (tie)
12th in the league in Efficiency Rating
18th in the league in Completion Percentage
10th in the league in TD:INT ratio
22nd in the league in Yards per Attempt
1st in fumbles.

There is no slant there, b/c they're just numbers. Is this guy worth keeping?

BillyC 12-08-2003 12:32 AM

Worth Keeping?
WhoDat --

Why do you attempt to use those numbers to say Brooks should be cut? If that\'s the way you want to look at it, then look at this.

Aaron Brooks NO 12 383 31.9 223 58.2 2473 206.1 69 15 8 24 142 81.9
Tom Brady NE 12 405 33.8 243 60.0 2887 240.6 82 15 12 25 176 81.8

Brooks -- 15 TD\'s
Brady -- 15 TD\'s

Brooks -- 8 ints
Brady -- 12 ints.

Brooks passer rating -- 81.9
Brady passer rating -- 81.8

Based on your theroy the Patriots should cut Tom Brady because Brooks clearly has the better numbers. Just say you think Brooks isn\'t the answer and that stats can\'t prove that. You know this arguement is foolish based on stats. Hell, everyone know it. Why, why why?

The best case for letting Brooks go THIS year is because of the fumbles. The fumbles are NEW this year and haven\'t been a real problem in the past and I think it\'s a POOR reason to be talking about cutting or trading him.

You have nothing with stats. Brooks completion percentage and TD passes would be much higher if not for ALL the drops. If he makes such poor reads and decisions throwing the ball, it sure doesn\'t reflect in the stats. Of course you only use stats when they are convienient for your arguement.

Fact of the matter is Brooks has improved in throwing interceptions and has raised his completion percentage. After todays game he is now over 60%.

You have no solid reason for cutting Brooks. If you want to pin wins/loses on Brooks, go ahead. He\'s responsible for 2-losses that I\'m aware of, but so are a lot of other QB\'s.

WhoDat 12-08-2003 06:51 AM

Worth Keeping?

Why do you attempt to use those numbers to say Brooks should be cut?
I didn\'t. I asked a simple question. Your goggles skewed your perception once again and you assumed that I was implying something. I wasn\'t, simply asking a question. Your rush to come in here and debate and talk about \"MY THEORY\" show just how stubbornly tied to Brooks you are. Again, you perception is made very clear. Let me ask one question Billy - can you please tell me what \"my theory\" was, and what I was trying to imply \"I had with those numbers\"?


BlackandBlue 12-08-2003 07:58 AM

Worth Keeping?
I am surprised to come here this morning and find more of the same AB pole polishing. If we’re going to compare the two quarterbacks, you might as well compare the single stat that we are all focused on this morning, and that is AB’s inability to hold onto the freaking ball.

BrooksMustGo 12-08-2003 09:28 AM

Worth Keeping?
I think a LOT of teams would trade for him.

Case in point, Chicago signed Kordell to start this season, knowing full well how horrible he is.

Someone will take Brooks.
Some coach will have so much ego to believe that he alone can make Brooks a consistant player.
Some organization would pony up WAY too much money and draft picks to get him.
Brooks is streaky and has shown that he will always be streaky. But he doesn\'t run enough to be valuable like a Culpepper, McNabb or Vick. And he isn\'t a trustworthy passer like Manning. He\'s a little bit like Favre in that he makes a lot of dumb decisions, but Favre is A LOT luckier than Brooks. Brooks is most like Jeff George to me or maybe Kordell Stewart, but I think George is the closer parallel.

As to the question of whether Brooks \"needs more time to develop\". Haven\'t we heard this refrain every week for 3 years now? Can anyone on this board honestly say that we have a better player in Aaron Brooks than Houston has in David Carr in just his second year? Carr has shown more smarts, more leadership and more guts than Brooks has ever shown in just his second year.

Whether he\'s tradable and a good trade value is immaterial. Someone will do something stupid and sign him to be a starter. The real question is Haslett. There is NO WAY that Haz will ever let the kid go. Haz will drive his career into the ground before he gives up on Brooks. The guy is completely blind about Brooks and will go to any lengths to excuse or ignore that Brooks is streaky. Haz keeps sending him out every week thinking, \"Maybe this is the week that Brooks pulls off the miracle 4rth quarter comeback.\" That\'s why Brooks always gets the start and never gets benched.

It\'s a catch-22. Brooks digs you into a deep hole for the first half and then you can\'t bench him because he\'s the best hope for digging you out in the second half.

As for the rest of the season, I don\'t know if there is going to be another December collapse. I don\'t know if this team is just going to pack it in for the season and try to avoid injury. But I wouldn\'t be surprised if Brooks comes out this week and throws for 400 yards and 4 tds. But then I wouldn\'t be surprised if Brooks comes out thows for 80 yards, 2 ints and 3 fumbles either. The guy is like watching trains drive over an old, rotten wooden bridge. You know the bridge is going to collapse, you just don\'t know when.

But it really doesn\'t matter does it? As long as Jim Haslett coaches the New Orleans Saints, Aaron Brooks will be the quarterback. Period.

[Edited on 8/12/2003 by BrooksMustGo]

JOESAM2002 12-08-2003 09:37 AM

Worth Keeping?
Very good post BMG. I believe it says a lot.

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