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Halo 04-20-2011 09:37 AM

Top six draft busts in New Orleans Saints history - #3 Lindsay Scott
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With the release of the full 2011 NFL regular season yesterday, many fans are feeling a small sense of optimism that a season will indeed happen this year and on time. The New Orleans Saints schedule actually appears to be a rather favorable one with the opening game of the season, two home Monday night games, and finally having the Chicago Bears heading to the Superdome.

Even through all the excitement though, we can't forget that there is a draft next week and that's one more positive step toward having a football season this year. We're also sure to get our fair share of busts unfortunately, but that's how things always seem to roll. Not everyone can be a superstar.

So far I've gone through half of the list of the six biggest draft busts in New Orleans Saints history:

#6 Alex Molden
#5 Ricky Williams
#4 Vaughn Dunbar

As that list is presented to you, it is time to have it grow by one more as we make our way to the biggest draft bust of all time in black and gold.

3.) Wide Receiver Lindsay Scott - drafted 13th overall in the first round of the 1982 draft out of the University of Georgia

Some of us may be too young to actually have ever seen Scott in action and as a matter of fact, I'm too young to have seen him in action. Sad part for him is that he never really saw that much action anyway.

Coming out of Georgia, the wide receiver was praised for his speed and great hands so everyonoe thought he'd make a tremendous addition to any team in the league. Scott happened to fall to 13th and the Saints scooped him right up thinking they had the wide receiver everyone ever wanted. Well, like most big expectations with the Saints in the eighties...he didn't live up to the hype either.

In four years in the league (all with New Orleans), Scott managed to have one touchdown. Yes, you read that right. One! His numbers all around were just miserable.
  • 49 games played - no starts
  • 69 receptions
  • 864 receiving yards
  • One touchdown

The one positive thing Scott actually can take from his playing time is that he had a career yards-per-catch average of 12.5. Not too shabby, but doesn't matter a single bit if you can never get into the end zone.

Tomorrow we are down to only two left in the biggest draft busts of all time for the Saints and once he is unveiled then I think most of the Who Dat Nation will know who number one is.

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