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tweeky 12-08-2003 08:46 AM

Things I saw other teams do!!!
Watching several other games yesterday (and most of the year) I see so many other teams playing like their hair is on fire.
I see our Saints and it looks like their in a dentist's lobby awaiting a root canal.

I see other less touted QB's making great throws, getting in slacker's faces, managing the game, and truly leading their teams.
I see our boy out there and he looks like a guy that got stood up for his HS Prom.

I see other teams trying to rip guys' heads off on just about every play.
I see our boys give an effort worthy of a chess final.

I see college WR's making one-handed grabs, diving for balls, fighting tooth and nail.
I see our best WR drop balls like he's allergic to leather.

I see a WR's like Ed McCaffery hold on to a pass while his broken leg is flopping around in 4 directions.
I see our stud 1st rounder not play cause he felt a twinge in his hammy, or thigh, or groin, or ankle.

I see the 2-9 Atlanta Falcons play like they were 9-2 fighting for home-field advantage in the palyoffs.
I see our girls play like a bunch of candy-asss Frenchmen. No wonder we have a flower on our helmets.

JOESAM2002 12-08-2003 08:56 AM

Things I saw other teams do!!!
LOL, man I know you meant this but damn that is funny too. Where have you been hideing all this comedy? Sad thing is, it\'s all true.

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