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JOESAM2002 12-08-2003 09:44 AM

Eric Allan on Saints coaching......

Question on the Saints: How responsible are Haslett and the coaching staff for the team's up-and-down play?
The past three seasons have been difficult for the Saints and their fans. This year, the team looked like it was going to go on a mini-run and possibly sneak in to the playoffs. But as has been the case before, this team folded when it counted. The responsibility for the Saints' failings has to fall on the coach. Right now, he has to get this team together to stop the players from quitting on him as they've done the past two years.

Eric Allen played cornerback for 14 NFL seasons with the Eagles, Saints and Raiders.

tweeky 12-08-2003 09:46 AM

Eric Allan on Saints coaching......

But as has been the case before, this team folded when it counted.
And this is from a guy that likes Haz.

BillyC 12-08-2003 09:53 AM

Eric Allan on Saints coaching......
I don\'t buy that the players quit on Haslett. Especially last year. All they had to do is win one game and they\'re in the playoffs. I find it VERY difficult to believe they QUIT. I think the burden falls on Jim Haslett for not getting the Saints in the playoffs, as it does Dave Wannstedt in Miami. But, I don\'t the the players in Miami quit on Wannstedt or Haslett\'s players quit on him.

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WhoDat 12-08-2003 07:55 PM

Eric Allan on Saints coaching......
I don\'t believe that he was implying that the players quit. I believe he was stating simply that the team continues to lose when it counts. If you count out Haslett\'s first season he is 1-8 in the final quarter of the season. 1-8. You don\'t win many championships playing like that in December and January. Haslett is done. He may not get fired, but he is done as a head coach in New Orleans. He was done after last season\'s collapse and I thought we should have gotten rid of him then before we spent another year in the purgatory of not quite good enough to make the playoffs but too good to make a change. Almost everyone on this board argued with me and told me how crazy I was for not having faith that this Saints team would be 13-3 or 12-4. No surprise here.

saintz08 12-08-2003 08:08 PM

Eric Allan on Saints coaching......
The reason the players quit is quite obvious .

There is nothing they can do or will be done to resolve the problem .So they do not want to risk injury or so the reason to go all out if :


Equally troubling, Brooks, a three-year starter, appears unable to recover from the miscues. True, mistakes are a part of the game. But when they are repeated over and over, the blame must fall on the club\'s decision makers for allowing them to happen.

UK_WhoDat 12-08-2003 08:21 PM

Eric Allan on Saints coaching......

saints08 . That\'s not fair. It is the NFL\'s fault for allowing the type of ball we had had to play with.

Mysterious - Do our opposition play with different balls? (Their QBs probably have some :exclam: )

DarkSaint504 12-09-2003 10:20 AM

Eric Allan on Saints coaching......
Eric post is very valid. This falls directly on him. 2 seasons in a row we bow down in December and we started off losing to Tampa Bay the 1st game of December 2003. We have good talent hear. If Haz doesn’t right this ship THIS year he should be gone. I don’t know if the clause in his contract is psuedo or what but if the Saints bow down than he should bow out of that position. A GOOD COACH CAN COME IN HEAR AND MOTIVATE THE TEAM Haz has not done that.

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