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saint5221 12-08-2003 11:02 AM

Quotes from post game interviews Haslett & Gruden
Q: On the game
A: "The game came down to four turnovers and a blocked punt."

Q: On the change of momentum
A: "In 1:40, we had a dropped touchdown, two fumbles, a blocked punt, two penalties, and missed tackles for a touchdown. Twenty-eight minutes before that we played pretty good football."

Q: On Brooks' fumbles
A: "It is something we have to research; Brett Favre has the same problem. Based on the weather conditions in the dome it should not be a problem."

Q: On the punt block late in the first half
A: "One guy missed his assignment."

Q: On Tampa Bay's defense
A: "Well, they are a good defense. That's why they are the number one defense and hold teams to the least points. Today, they put eight or nine guys up front and its hard to get a lot of yards on them. They did a nice job."

Q: On Brooks' performance
A: "I am disappointed in the fumbles. That's what cost us the game. Our defense hung in there and we should have won the game. I thought the defense played at a high level the whole game and the turnovers on offense really hurt us."


Q: on if this is the way he expected the Bucs defense to play all year long
A: "In the second half, yes. In the first half, we gave up a lot of third downs...we gave up a lot of field position. In the second half, absolutely (we played well). I thought the pressure was very, very intense. I thought a lot of guys contributed and made some big plays getting turnovers and shutting the door on third downs with big plays, often times sacks."

Q: on keeping Deuce McAllister under 100 yards
A: "It's a great accomplishment based on how well he's been running and what kind of back he is. He had plenty of opportunities. He carried it over 20 times. We gang tackled. We tackled times two and three men to the football. We knew it was going to need that kind of an effort to try and contain him, let alone keeping him under 100 yards. Certainly, that helped us win the football game putting them in second and mediums and third and longs."

Q: on how the momentum of the game changed after Joe Horn dropped a potential touchdown in the second quarter
A: "That was a big turn of events. Obviously, getting the ball there right before the half (was big). Brad Johnson's pass to Ken Dilger was a big play and then we get the blocked punt, which certainly made for one of the more interesting plays today."

Q: on the recent kicking struggles of Martin Gramatica
A: "I don't know what it (the problem) is. When we look hard (at the film), I think there was some protection leakage. A free dark jersey was in position to make a play. All I can say is that we expect him to dominate and make those kicks. Both of those (misses) were big momentum plays and certainly strategy plays to give you a 10-point lead."

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