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JKool 12-08-2003 01:59 PM

Ok, maybe someone can help me out with this.

Maybe it is injuries, maybe it is that some of them are young, but what is it with our O-line this year. Last year, these guys dominated. This year, they are hit or miss (almost as often as Brooks).

Any ideas?

(As long as we're thinking about getting some of these kids some game time, perhaps it might also be helpful to ask what is wrong with them?)

progress 12-08-2003 03:23 PM

The o-line played very well yesterday. The problem was that Tampa was putting 8 and many times 9 people in the box. When the defense brings that many to the line of scrimmage, its near impossible to run the football and the quaterback has to make quick desicions and make accurate passes. Tampa basically said, we are going to make Brooks beat us.
Im sure someone will say \"7 sacks is playing well?\", but if you look at the sacks, three of them were given to the Bucs because of Brooks fumbles. One of them came when the Saints put Deuce in motion (boy I wonder if they are gonna throw the ball if they dont have any RBs in the backfield. And at least one, I would make an arguement for two of the other sacks came from the QB holding the ball to long (You can\'t hold the ball for 6 or 7 seconds against Tampa)

BillyC 12-08-2003 05:42 PM

I have believed (and still do) that this offensive line is inconsistant in the pass blocking department. Maybe I imagined Sapp breaking through the 0-line yesterday and putting instant pressure up the middle. Maybe I imagined Simeon Rice dipping his shouder under Gandy and running Aaron Brooks down. Acid flashback perhaps !!

This wasn\'t anything new though. It\'s been happening all year. Furthermore, I don\'t think they are GREAT at run blocking. I think they are adequate. I know I always dread relying on Deuce to pick up ONE yard for a first down. More times than not, someone penetrates in the backfield and KILLS the drive.

But, sure, let\'s blame Brooks.

[Edited on 9/12/2003 by BillyC]

lumm0x 12-08-2003 06:52 PM

This has to be adjusted though with a combination of the o-line coord. and McCarthy. Both can clearly see what is going no with the pressure. Plays need to be worked to move the pocket away from the pressure, and more three step drops and quick routes added.

WhoDat 12-08-2003 08:25 PM

Sapp was going against a backup after Bentley got hurt. This offensive line took some time to play well together but they have one of the leading rushers in the league. That doesn\'t happen without an O-Line unless your name is Barry Sanders. Our line is solid.

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