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BillyC 12-09-2003 10:26 PM

Haslett says quarterback must eliminate fumbles

First let me say that I think you are much more open minded than WhoDat. For the most part you are fair with your assessment. Sometimes you get pissed of and make remarks in the heat of the moment as we all do.

I know you think I\'m trying to say WhoDat don\'t know what the hell he\'s talking about. But the fact is he has been proven right on some things. He has also been proven wrong on some things. I could sit here and say the same things about 50% of the teams and coaches in the league and be right. There are going to be more losers than winners in the NFL.

He was right about the Saints record this year and therefore he was right about the coaches. The record reflects the coach. This really doesn\'t impress me that much. Teams flucuate so much in the NFL it\'s really a crap shoot. Just take a look around at how unpredictable the teams are EVERY year.

Now, I do think WhoDat has been very insightful on some things. I think WhoDat is very knowlegeable, but I think that about a lot of members on here.

WhoDat 12-10-2003 10:12 AM

Haslett says quarterback must eliminate fumbles
What\'s funny Billy is that I asked a couple of straight forward questions. Not to YOU, to the board. It\'s no surprise or secret to anyone here that I don\'t think Brooks is the future, nor do I believe in Haslett. I may be wrong, I\'ve admitted to being wrong about as many times as you have.

What\'s telling is that you spouted off about how my opinion is worthless b/c I\'m not an NFL expert - whatever that is. You didn\'t address either questions. They\'re simple ones.

I asked for a good reason. Because at the beginning of the year, guys like Gator and BnB, and others all agreed, \"NO EXCUSES\" this year for Jim Haslett. This was the year that everyone was looking for Haslett and Brooks to step up and show their value. I think that they clearly did not.

So I want to know, how long is long enough. I asked this to Saintfan (and maybe you as well) in the preseason. Look, even Brooks\' coach says that at some point, if things don\'t change, Brooks will sit.

Frankly, if it were my decision, that would have happened already. But I didn\'t make that post to hear my opinion. I know my opinion. And frnakly, I didn\'t really want to hear yours either, b/c I know it. I want to hear what other people have to say. Some members of this board (gues who Billy) seem to be content to allow Brooks to stay the starter indefinitely b/c he has potential. Well, at some point that potential will have to materialize. Three and a half months ago most of the members of this board were saying that had to happen this season, and others, LIKE YOU, made bold statements about how you would see Brooks in the Pro Bowl this year. Neither of those things happened, so the question remains - how long is long enough?

WhoDat 12-10-2003 10:18 AM

Haslett says quarterback must eliminate fumbles

First let me say that I think you are much more open minded than WhoDat. For the most part you are fair with your assessment. Sometimes you get pissed of and make remarks in the heat of the moment as we all do.
One other thing - be careful Billy. Simply b/c I disagree with you about Brooks and see him as a major problem with this team does not mean that I am close-minded. I\'ll challenge you to this as well - find one other TENURED member of this board (other than yourself and Saintfan) who has defended Brooks as much as I have this season. That\'s right, I promise you can\'t. I defended him right along side of you for the first 6 weeks of the season. I made statements about how if he continued to play the way he was in the beginning of the season then he would make a believer out of me. Remember those comments? I can dig up threads for you if you\'d like.

The problem is not me. It\'s Brooks. His play has tnaked this season, and he\'s regressed right back to where he hurts more than he helps. I see those couple of good games early for what they were - a hot streak by a streaky QB who can\'t play consistently well for more than a few games, quarters, plays, whatever at a time.

BillyC 12-10-2003 10:20 AM

Haslett says quarterback must eliminate fumbles
WhoDat --

I hear so much of \" 3-years is enough.\" Since when? If that were the case you guys would have knocked half the guys out of the hall of fame because plenty of them stuggled mightly in their first few years. There is no \"Bible\" for when it\'s enough time. Every situation is different. Feel free to have your opinion. I\'m not here to stop you from having your opioion. I am here to make fair comparisoins, whether you or anyone else agrees with them or not. You could be right about Brooks. You could be wrong.

When is enough time is not a question anyone can answer. Not fairly anyway. There have been MANY QB\'s that have been given up on that did just fine. I think it would be WRONG to give up on Brooks at this point. So to answer your question, I don\'t know exactly what point in time we give up on Brooks but it ain\'t now. Obviously if he can\'t correct the fumbling problem, he has to go. But, don\'t come telling me it will be something else with him after the fumbling. Unless I can look in your crystal ball?

BlackandBlue 12-10-2003 10:23 AM

Haslett says quarterback must eliminate fumbles
****, let\'s give him 10 years and be done with it.

[Edited on 10/12/2003 by BlackandBlue]

WhoDat 12-10-2003 11:00 AM

Haslett says quarterback must eliminate fumbles
I\'d bet if it were Drew Brees or Tim Couch or Kurt Warner or Tim Wienke or Rob Johnson or Brian Griese or Jay Fiedler or Jake Plummer or Kerry Collins or Tommy Maddox or Jon Kitna you\'d say the same thing.

How many of those guys are playing top 5 QB in the leauge football?

Fact is, those hall of famers that you keep referencing are the EXCEPTION, not the rule. For each of them there are probably 20 QBs that showed flashes but just never materialized. So go ahead, if you want to think that Brooks can do the improbable go right ahead - I\'ll stick with probability though since I live the the real world.

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