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WhoDat!656 05-02-2011 07:37 AM

Saints getting some attention
Check out the 3rd paragraph in this article.

The Saints pick of Ingram is mentioned further into the article.

WhoDat!656 05-02-2011 07:45 AM

PFT Draft Grades
NFL Draft HQ - Team Draft Picks

Danno 05-02-2011 08:03 AM


Trading up for Mark Ingram cost Loomis his 56th pick this year and next year's first-rounder. That's a ton to surrender for any running back, let alone a small one with 4.62 speed.
Small? Maybe if this was 1970.

4.62? So he took his slowest time? What about the 4.47 he ran at his proday? What about the blazing fast 10 yard time, which was identical to Adrian Petersons?

Either this guy didn't do any homework or he has an axe to grind.

Danno 05-02-2011 08:04 AM


Maverick2299 05-02-2011 08:09 AM

When it comes down to it, you can give any grade you want. Until you see them play in the pros, you don't know how good they will be. So he was just playing devil's advocate since very one else is praising

saintsfan1976 05-02-2011 08:16 AM

ScottF 05-02-2011 09:20 AM

and again you have the argument about trading future picks: worked out well with Vilma, so-so for Shockey.

bottom line is that we used next year's first on a guy THIS year. Hard to argue with that. The second (56th) is expensive, but we had the luxury of 2 thirds and ended up getting the guy we wanted at lower price

B_Dub_Saint 05-02-2011 09:49 AM

Opinions are like *******s, and this dude who wrote the article is one.

WhoDat!656 05-02-2011 09:57 AM

Sorry guys!!

NFL Draft HQ - Team Draft Picks

Saint_LB 05-02-2011 10:14 AM

I got a feeling about Ingram. I think he is going to be the straw that broke the camel's back for teams in our division and the league...of course, that could change if Reggie leaves. You can only over defend so much of the offense...someone is going to be out there with his hand waving in the air hollering, "Over here, Drew!"

I would love to be Drew Brees right now.

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