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lynwood 12-10-2003 10:42 AM

What's up with Stallworth??
Anyone know?

Danno 12-10-2003 10:56 AM

What's up with Stallworth??
As Haz said about him Monday, I\'m paraphrasing but you get the idea...
\"I don\'t know anything about him\"

I\'m beginning to think he just doesn\'t want to play football.

Strange though, everyone on the team like the kid a lot.
If he was a wussy quitter, the players would know it and turn on him.
But they haven\'t. I don\'t know what to think.

BlackandBlue 12-10-2003 11:05 AM

What's up with Stallworth??
1. He hasn\'t even completed his 2nd season yet. Many experts will tell you that recievers do not come into their own until their 3rd season.

2. He\'s 23 years old. Give him time to mature, his best years are still ahead of him.

Think about this- had he waited and declared for the draft last year, he would have been a top 3 pick.

[Edited on 10/12/2003 by BlackandBlue]

ADIOSHAZ/BROOKS 12-10-2003 11:08 AM

What's up with Stallworth??
You guys are genius\'. Stallworth has been a major bust and all you can say is \"it takes a wr 3 seasons to mature\". Umm, did you happen to foget that idiot Ditka could have drafted a guy named MOSS and blew it! Didn\'t take him 3 years. Stallworth has NO heart and is a bust if EVER I\'ve seen one.

BlackandBlue 12-10-2003 11:16 AM

What's up with Stallworth??
That was a real winner, George, tell me, did your fat neanderthal fingers type all that up or did you get your cellmate to do it for you?

WhoDat 12-10-2003 11:19 AM

What's up with Stallworth??

We are genius\' what?

Genius\' = a thing belonging to a genius.
Geniuses = more than one genius.

I guess it takes one to know one. Clearly, George isn\'t one.

JOESAM2002 12-10-2003 12:18 PM

What's up with Stallworth??
Sorry guys but I just don\'t have the heart to edit such words of wisdom as \"George\" just layed on us. :P

BlackandBlue 12-10-2003 01:35 PM

What's up with Stallworth??
Dammit, Joe, what did you do with my comparison post of my dog and swampdog??? Since when did a certain female hygene product become taboo to say on a message board??? :P I don\'t know whether to laugh or cry.

[Edited on 10/12/2003 by BlackandBlue]

Danno 12-10-2003 01:41 PM

What's up with Stallworth??
Maybe he fogot it.

BlackandBlue 12-10-2003 01:46 PM

What's up with Stallworth??
You need to change your name back to tweeky- I\'m not used to this, feels like I\'m talking to another person. :P

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