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SmashMouth 05-28-2011 02:39 PM

Happy Memorial Day Everybody
We are blessed to live in the USA! Thanks, Mom, for bringing me here from France! And most of all, there aren't enough thanks for the heroes of the men and women of our Armed Forces!

God Bless America!

foreverfan 05-28-2011 03:36 PM

A bit premature.... Figures.

bigmacster 05-28-2011 06:05 PM

God bless America! Thanks to all the men and women serving our country so that we can live free.

Srgt. Hulka 05-30-2011 07:16 AM

If you can read this, thank a teacher....
If you can read this in English, thank a soldier!

Amongst all the bar-b-ques, picnics, trips to the lake, whatever you have planned today, take a few minutes to remember the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the freedoms that allow you to enjoy that activity.

Have a safe Memorial Day!

WhoDat!656 05-30-2011 07:44 AM

For you Dad!! I love & misss you!!

Danno 05-30-2011 09:56 AM

It's the soldier, not the reporter who has given us Freedom of the Press.

It's the soldier, not the poet, who has given us Freedom of Speech.

It's the soldier, not the campus organizer, who has given us the Freedom to Demonstrate.

It's the soldier, not the lawyer, who has given us the Right to a Fair Trial.

It's the soldier who salutes the flag, serves under the flag and whose coffin is draped by the flag, Who gives the protestor the right to burn the flag.

~Father Dennis Edward O'Brien, USMC

Respect is something that must first be earned...
Before it is expected.
Ron Ponton, CAP Marine

foreverfan 05-30-2011 10:00 AM

Finally Guys.... Happy Memorial Day and my whole hearted thanks to all that have served this great country.

CheramieIII 05-30-2011 01:55 PM

Happy Memorial day to everyone who has served. My son is in the Air Force now, so a special shout out to him. Semper Fi to all my Marine and Saints Brothers and Sisters.

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