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BillyC 12-15-2003 12:38 AM

Joe Horn Phones it in

Associated Press
NEW ORLEANS -- Joe Horn really did phone it in Sunday night.

The New Orleans receiver couldn't wait to talk about his touchdown, so he pulled out a cell phone and made a call from the end zone.

After catching the second of four touchdown passes against the New York Giants, Horn was handed a flip-phone by teammate Michael Lewis, who pulled it out from under the padding used to protect the goal post.

Horn was still wearing his helmet when he punched in numbers, put the phone to his earhole and began speaking into it for a few seconds.

"I had told my kids to be at home, watching the game, and I told my momma, 'Mom, if I score the second one, I'm going to get my cell phone out,' " Horn said.

Horn then ran back to his bench and was confronted by coach Jim Haslett.

The weird TD-celebration rivaled that of San Francisco's Terrell Owens. Last year, the 49ers' receiver pulled out a pen from his sock after scoring a TD against Seattle, signed the ball and handed it to his financial consultant seated in a nearby suite.

Earlier Sunday, Cincinnati receiver Chad Johnson mugged for the cameras. After his 10-yard touchdown catch on the Bengals' first possession, he ran out of the end zone and retrieved a preprinted sign stored behind a snow drift.

Johnson, who has repeatedly been fined by the league for uniform violations and touchdown celebrations, held up the sign that read: "Dear NFL: Please don't fine me again."

Horn's antics resulted in a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the ensuing kickoff of a game the Saints won 45-7. At the time, New Orleans led 17-7 in the second quarter.

"It was uncalled for," Haslett told ESPN before the start of the second half. "We don't do that here.

"Obviously he'll be fined for it, and he should be fined for it."

The NFL had no immediate comment.

Horn, played the rest of the game and finished with nine catches for 119 yards.

In the third quarter, Horn capped a 60-yard drive with a 7-yard touchdown reception, his third of the game, tying the franchise record set last season by Deuce McAllister. This time, he took the football to quarterback Aaron Brooks, presented it to him and hugged him.

In the fourth quarter, Horn caught an 18-yard scoring pass in the same end zone where the phone call took place, and this time he did a short victory dance.

"You don't do stuff like that," Haslett said after the game. "I know it was premeditated. I know it was national television. But you don't do it.

"I won't fine him," he said, grinning.

Meanwhile, fans seated behind New Orleans' bench waved cell phones and offered them to the team.

"His performance was awesome," Haslett said.

saint5221 12-15-2003 07:47 AM

Joe Horn Phones it in
Billy I hope by highlighting as you did you were not trying to make it look like Haslett was ok with Horn\'s stunt. Jim also had this to say.
\"That\'s BS, We don\'t condone something like that. It was premeditated. It cost us field position. As for Joe maybe he\'ll learn . He\'s only 32\" \"Whateve the league does doesn\'t bother me, but when it hurts the football team it bothers me. And it hurt the team.\" Haslett also said Horn deserves to be fined by the league.

BillyC 12-15-2003 08:05 AM

Joe Horn Phones it in
saint5221 -- I don\'t think Haslett was too upset with Joe or he wouldn\'t have been grinning and he WOULD have fined him. He COULD have hurt the team but we blocked the field goal on that drive, so we actually gained 7-points. Haslett had to say the poltically correct thing because he is a coach and he can\'t approve of it. I don\'t particularly approve of it, but it was a blowout and it was silly, but I think folks are making WAY too much of it.

saint5221 12-15-2003 09:19 AM

Joe Horn Phones it in
Sorry Billy I\'m going with the words that actually came out of Hasletts mouth rather than what you feel he actually felt but could not say. These are the comments made to the press , while we could not hear the comments made by Haslett on the sideline it was clear by the expression on his face he was not pleased.

I don\'t want to get into a semantics game over potential and actual damage from the penalty, just because Horn got bailed out by a bad team from real damage does not make his original action O.K. Yea we got away with one, next time we might not . Issues of behavior aside this kind of crap needs to stop. Its similiar to the presnap penalities, mental errors that hurt the team, and Horn planed to go out and do this one.

BillyC 12-15-2003 09:26 AM

Joe Horn Phones it in
I don\'t think Haslett approved of it by any means. I\'m just saying Haslett can\'t be too upset if he was GRINNING about it. One usually doesn\'t grin when he\'s upset. Also, the fact that he\'s not going to fine him say\'s he\'s not too upset.

Did he approve of it? NOPE. Upset? Nah.

canucksaint 12-15-2003 09:40 AM

Joe Horn Phones it in

One usually doesn\'t grin when he\'s upset
Really?? Should we ask AB about that when is the proper time to grin?
(Sorry Billy, you walked into that one)

saintz08 12-15-2003 11:19 AM

Joe Horn Phones it in
Horn at ESPN .

Props for props: The celebration bar is high; simple dance moves or wild gesticulations just won\'t cut it anymore. Where Owens went low-tech, Horn carried the league into the 21st century. (T.O. got a Sharpie endorsement; Horn\'s looking at telecom dollars.)

[Edited on 15/12/2003 by saintz08]

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