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FrenzyFan 12-15-2003 07:23 AM

Giving in to temptation...NOT
Aaron Brooks just posted one of the best (dare I say THE best) game of his career. Now it seems everyone in running around short-strokin it like he has redeemed himself. Some have pointed out that we still have not defeated a team with a winning record, and we need to stay focused on that. Though I totally enjoyed watching our team play a great game last night, I will not soon forget that Aaron Brooks is leading the league in fumbles (14, with 11 lost) and the only points the Giants scored last night were given to them by yet another Brooks fumble.

I would love to believe that Brooks has turned a corner this year, but only time will tell that. I for one am not willing to believe it yet, as he still doesn't seem to take his fumbling problem seriously. I base this on his interviews and the fact that when he scrambled last night, he was still carrying the ball like a loaf of bread.

The one thing consistent about him this year is that he is inconsistent, and though he was throwing with a laser-sight last night his accuracy in other games has been.....shall we say..... erratic.

To Aaron: show me the same kind of play against the Jags (no matter if we win or lose) and then I might consider passing out some blanket praise.

JKool 12-15-2003 12:26 PM

Giving in to temptation...NOT
He had a good game, and he deserves praise just for that. I don\'t see why we would only praise a player who always has good games. I think I understand your sentiment, who wants to get their hopes up only to have them dashed, right?

For the record, and this not directed at anyone in particular, but this was my chance to ask: why do people say things like \"he is consistently inconsistent\"? What does that mean? Consistency implies that there is some feature that is carried over several iterations, and I\'m not sure that inconsistency is a unique feature. It is hard for me to see that inconsistency is the sort of thing that can be predicted. Maybe this is just a pet peeve of mine, and I\'m being annoying.

One other thing: throughout our playing careers, we\'ve all heard the expression \"carrying the ball like a loaf of bread\". Where the heck does that come from? It doesn\'t seem to me to be very much like how I carry a loaf of bread. Maybe it simply means we don\'t really care if we drop a loaf of bread, and thus we don\'t really carry it very carefully? Maybe that was the obvious answer, and I should stop writing in a stream of consciousness. ;)

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