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lynwood 12-15-2003 08:08 AM

Ok this week, what about next?
I thought Brooks played an outstanding game. He didn't hold the ball, was acurate, and made good decisions. But that was only for one game. The question, Will the Brooks that played the Giants show up for the last two games? If so then maybe I'll change my mind about him. Last night he played up to his potential. Now he just needs to be consistant.

BillyC 12-15-2003 08:27 AM

Ok this week, what about next?
I can understand those who want Brooks to play more consistant. Although, I think he HAS been consisitant in the passing game. Let\'s not forget this is a TEAM game and when the rest of the TEAM doesn\'t play consistant, it\'s hard for the QB to play consistant. Brooks problem was the FUMBLING. Brooks deserved all the criticism for the fumbling and costing us the Tampa game.

Brooks has also taken more criticism than he deserves. We actually had fans that would have traded Brooks if it were left up to them. It didn\'t make since to me then and it still doesn\'t. I don\'t even pay any attention to them anymore.

Danno 12-15-2003 08:44 AM

Ok this week, what about next?
The enigma that is Aaron Brooks.
Brooks supporters point to this game to demonstrate how good Brooks can be. And they have a very valid point.
Brooks critics compare this game to last week as proof of his frustrating inconsistency. And they have a very valid point.

The last 2 games are a microcosm of the Brooks debates.

BillyC 12-15-2003 08:56 AM

Ok this week, what about next?
Danno -- I don\'t just pick out one game and say Brooks is great. He clearly isn\'t in the top of the league, but there has NEVER been a reason to be talking about trading the guy. Nah, not looking at one game. I\'ve seen all of the games. They all added up to this:

Aaron Brooks NO 14 448 32.0 269 60.0 3007 214.8 69 21 8 31 178 88.3

Does he need to stop fumbling the ball? YES!! Are there other are areas he needs to improve? YES !! I have no complaints when someone say\'s he needs to improve. Just with those who go to extremes.

Danno 12-15-2003 09:02 AM

Ok this week, what about next?
microcosm: a system analogous to a much larger system.
I never meant that anyone looks at only one game. Only that the last two games are analogous to the 4 zillion Brooks debates.
When he\'s on, he\'s awesome
When he\'s off, he\'s terrible

He needs more ON\'s and less OFF\'s for many people.

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