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JOESAM2002 12-16-2003 10:47 AM

You guys need to see this........
This is one of the sites I get news from. Just look at the number of articles about the cell phone. Unreal, this is getting out of control. It was dumb but, this ain't the second killing of JFK! Geeeeeezz Louise? :casstet:

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BillyC 12-16-2003 10:59 AM

You guys need to see this........
Yep. ESPN has turned into the ALL HORN network. It\'s being overblown IMO. I thought what Joe did was funny. I think in this dismal season that it brought a spark and swagger back to the offense and the whole team. It has it positives as well as it\'s negitives. However, this type of thing has got to be stopped. I think the real issue is what this type of thing can escalate into.

Will some player set up pyrotechnics to explode when he scores a TD? Rules are there for a reason and if the NFL doesn\'t do something to persuade the players to not do this type of thing, it could turn into something that none of us want.

The NFL has made a weak attempt to curb this type of celebration and if they really wanted to stop this, they could. I look for the NFL to send a strong message and use Joe Horn as an example. If they don\'t, it tells me they really want this type of thing and they only want to appear to be against it.

seraph33 12-16-2003 02:54 PM

You guys need to see this........
I find it very funny how, when T.O. does this . . . the ESPN guys love it and poke fun at the NFL for fining him. Horn does it and it\'s this horrible thing. They act like he is Pete Rose or something. Actually i think they cut Pete Rose more slack. Yes it was a shameless gesture of wanting attention. Still if ESPN is going to be a news organization that reports things, then they should be unbias and hammer people like T.O. the same way. In reality the most aweful thing from this week in football was RANDY MOSS. The dude has no heart. Did anyone see that play this week from him. Going across the middle, QB throws him the ball, he sees a CB coming towards him, he slaps the ball down with his hand so he didn\'t have to get hit. That is pathetic. This guy is making more money than 99% of the league and he is going to play like that. That is just sickening. ESPN hardly said a word about it, but Joe Horn pulls out a cell phone and that is such bad stigma for the game. . . give me a break.

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