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SFinAustin 12-16-2003 06:05 PM

Horn Fined $30K
Too much but a lot less than I thought! Beerman got a $5,000 fine!

Quote: has learned the NFL has decided to fine the Saints receiver $30,000 for pulling out his cellular phone during a touchdown celebration against the Giants on Sunday night. This incident marks the second time this season Horn has been scolded for excessive celebration.

The fines were decided upon early Tuesday, and should become official Wednesday.

The incident also cost one of his teammates as has also learned WR Michael Lewis was tagged for $5,000 for acting as Horn's accomplice in the nationally televised taunt.

Glazer breaks Horn Fine

BillyC 12-16-2003 10:16 PM

Horn Fined $30K
The publisity that Joe Horn got is worth far more than $30,000. He\'ll make that back in endorsments many times over. Even if he doesn\'t, you don\'t think Joe thinks that wasn\'t $30,000 well spent? Joe Horn got to talk about his favorite subject, which is, Joe Horn. Joe Horn.

This small amout of money is NOT going to stop this type of thing. If the NFL\'s purpose is to stop this by using FINES, then it\'s going to have to be MUCH higher.

If the NFL REALLY wanted to STOP this, they could do all types of things. Like automatically spotting the ball at the opponents 35-yard line. How many times do you think it would happen if they did that? I\'ll tell ya how many. NONE!!

The NFL must like this or they would have put a stop to it. Maybe they will in the future, but right now, they are not serious.

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