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deadflatbird 12-17-2003 07:36 PM

I couldn't agree with Fassel on ESPN this evening. Coaches tenure with a team is dropped dramatically this day in age. 4-5 yeas I think is the most any coach should stay. Bring in a new one every few years... if one can't do what you want in 3, he should go. You get a Super Bowl ok 5-7 years. Even though I am ok personally with Hasslet staying onboard (barely). I also, want to see him go to bring in a new spark to this team. When I think of who we might bring in... I think we would get more than likely Fassel. I think Benson would get along with him the best and well... Fassel would actually be a decent fit here. I don't thin we would lose much except maybe create a spark. I would like to see Lovie Smith though... I think the odds of us ending up with Fassel is better

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