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BillyC 12-17-2003 09:43 PM

12/17 Haz transcript
12/17 Haz transcript
December 17, 2003

Q: Where is your team at going into this week's game?

A: "We're just getting ready for Jacksonville. We've got a lot of new things in and we've got a lot of things on our minds. We'll get through that today and hopefully we'll be a little bit crisper tomorrow. It takes a little time to get everything in."

Q: What are your impressions of Jacksonville?

A: "They've got a great running back, probably one of the best in the league, and a great receiver. The offensive line is playing really well. The defense is No. 2 in the league versus the run, and that's what we do best. We've got our work cut out for us. They're favored. Their record doesn't really reflect what kind of team they have."

Q: Do you approve of the fine the league handed down to Joe Horn?

A: "I'm not going to talk about Joe. That's done. We're worrying about Jacksonville. That's taken care of. I made a statement and I'm not saying anything else about it."

Q: Are you glad it's behind you?

A: "I'm not talking about it, Brian."

Q: What did you think of Aaron Brooks' winning NFC Offensive Player of the Week?

Q: "He did a nice job -- five touchdown passes. He threw the ball well against Tampa Bay, but the turnovers kind of skewed that. Aaron is playing at a high level right now, and I expect that this weekend."

Q: What is Terrelle Smith's playing status for Sunday?

A: "It doesn't look like Terrelle is going to play. The chances of him playing are pretty slim. We adapted last week and we scored 45 points. We're not going to score 45 poitns on this football team. We have three receivers and a bunch of tight ends. We'll use them and try to take advantage of what they do best."

Q: Can you talk about Donte' Stallworth returning to the lineup?

A: "It's a big boost for us. Any time he's in there he has the ability to score a touchdown with every catch. Not having him for all those weeks hurt out ability to get the ball downfield and score touchdowns. Last year at this time he had eight touchdowns and this year he's got one. Everybody asks you why your point production is down, well, you've got one guy that's got one touchdown compared to eight last year and Michael Lewis has one touchdown compared to five last year. That kind of tells it all."

Q: What makes Jacksonville so good against the run?

A: "They're big up front. They've got 6-7 inside guys that are very active. (Tony) Brackens is playing very well, as is Hugh Douglas. Their linebackers are solid. The key to their football team on defense is their line."

Q: What is your reaction to the Giants' decision to let Jim Fassel go?

A: "He told me Sunday night that he was going to be let go. It's kind of the nature of the business. The guy's been to the Super Bowl and the NFC Championship Game. If you look at all the head coaches in the NFL there's only 13 out of 32 that have winning records. He's one of two coaches in the (modern) history of the Giants that have a winning record him and (Bill) Parcells. I don't know what the league is coming to. The guy has been to the Super Bowl and the NFC Championship and they want him out of there. I don't think they'll replace him with anything better than what they had."

Q: Does it make it harder to concentrate on the game with a distraction like the Joe Horn situation this week?

A: "It does when guys like you are around. Yeah, it does. You keep bringing it up. You never let it go. It's over with. It's done. The fine is levied, and it's time to move on."

Q: Does Fred McAfee have a chance to play this week?

A: "Right now, no. I'd like to have him, but it doesn't look like it."

Q: Which players on your team are deserving of Pro Bowl invitations?

A: "I'm not going to specify individuals because I don't think that's right. This is the ultimate team sport. We've got a lot of guys on our team that are deserving of it. Sometimes it's a popularity contest. Sometimes it's guys that have been there. To be honest with you, coaches don't get a chance to see everybody in the league. And the players have a very, very slim chance to see everybody in the league, except the guys you played against. I always recommend to our guys, vote for the guys that you played against and the guys that you think are playing well."

Q: Can you make a case for Deuce McAllister over Carolina's Stephen Davis and Green Bay's Ahman Green?

A: "He's got more yards than everybody. He's got the most rushing yards, and he's got the least amount of fumbles of all. I don't have to make a case. The case is set."

Q: Have you looked at the playoff race and figured out where your team stands?

A: "I couldn't figure it out if there is a three-way tie or a four-way tie. I couldn't figure it out. I think the most important thing is we try to win this game and then we can sit back and look at it.

Q: Can you comment on the play of your defensive line?

A: "They've played really well as of late. I think their practice habits have really picked up the last month. They're playing hard. You see a great effort on the field at all times, no matter who's in there. Kenderick (Allen) probably the best game he's played last week. He was mauling people inside. Jonathan Sullivan has really come on to be what we thought he was going to be. It probably helps having Darren (Howard) back. And Kenny Smith has really played well the last couple of weeks. We expect the same thing this week."

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