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rich006 12-18-2003 09:41 PM

NFC Probowl Team Announced
The fact that Micheal Lewis was an alternate shows you that selection is not based on performance, at least not this year\'s performance. I like him as much as anybody does, but this year he hasn\'t done much.

WhoDat 12-19-2003 05:11 PM

NFC Probowl Team Announced
I believe I said Bentley would go to the Pro Bowll this year or next this preseason. You may all bow to me once again. ;) LOL.

BillyC 12-19-2003 05:41 PM

NFC Probowl Team Announced
I think Bentley made it as an alternate last year? Maybe I\'m mistaken. In any event, that wasn\'t really going out on a limb, considering all the great praise he received last year.

Did you not notice Brooks is an alternate this year. I said he would make the pro-bowl this year. Well, as an alternate, but I wasn\'t far off. He\'ll be the starter next year. :cool:

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WhoDat 12-19-2003 05:49 PM

NFC Probowl Team Announced
Bentley did not make the Pro Bowl last year, and I said it first. From now on Billy, you can just refer to me as \"The Expert\". ;)

BillyC 12-20-2003 07:44 PM

NFC Probowl Team Announced

Bentley did not make the Pro Bowl last year, and I said it first. From now on Billy, you can just refer to me as \"The Expert\". ;)
Ok, WhoDat. You are the expert. Well, to hear you tell it anyway. ;) But, do you remember all that talk YOU, among others ,were doing about the Bucs and how they were the team to beat this year? Looks like you were wrong about that. The Bucs just got officially eliminated from playoff contention. I believe I was the only one on here saying that the Bucs weren\'t that good.

Just goes to show ya how unpredictable the NFL is. So, if you had all that insight on how the Saints were going to do this year, it was quickly offset with your prediction about the Bucs. Your secret is safe with me though WhoDat. I meant \"Expert.\"...LMAO.

WhoDat 12-21-2003 10:23 AM

NFC Probowl Team Announced
Hey Billy, even the expert can\'t be right ALL of the time... and for your sake, let\'s not starting rehashing old predictions! LOL ;)

I\'ll go ahead though and give you my predictions for next year right now... ready?

New Orleans 11-5
Atlanta 9-7
Tampa Bay 8-8
Carolina 7-9

TB and Carolina may flip flop. And of course this is going to change, but...

Look Billy, optimism from WhoDat!!! I think next season this team should be so loaded down with talent that even Jim Haslett won\'t be able to screw it up. Of course, people will sing his praises about what a great coach he is, but he isn\'t. He\'ll just have one of the three or four most talented young teams in the league.

Atlanta will stumble a little bit at first with a new coach, but by year end they may be one of the hottest teams in the league and a force to be reckoned with. I was being generous for both Tampa and Carolina. Tampa isn\'t going to get much better as they continue to lose players and get older. Carolina isn\'t going to crash - they\'ll just continue to play like they are now. Take away their 6-2 start, or whatever it was, and they\'re not very good. They\'ll stay in games b/c of their defense, but peope will start to stop Stephen Davis and they won\'t be a contender.

I also look for Jacksonville to have a big turn around year, and the Jets should be able to pull themselves back into contention. Westbrook should give the Eagles a legitimate running threat, but they will drop off nonetheless as well. Miami should contend with a new head coach. Seattle will drop back out of contention. I can\'t see San Fran doing much without TO, but with Garcia and Hearst/Barlow in the backfield.

Anyway, there you have it Billy. You heard it all here first. Maybe this year you\'ll listen to me.

BillyC 12-21-2003 10:45 AM

NFC Probowl Team Announced
WhoDat -- I\'m stunned!! No, it goes way beyond stunned. I\'m flaborgasted!!! :P

Optimism for the Saints next year? From WhDat? I\'ll take it!! :D

I can\'t argue with any of that. I think it\'s very possible. I think the Saints have the most talent of all the teams in the South, but it wouldn\'t suprise me if any team won the division next year.

Since you made your prediction already, I guess I\'ll make mine:

1. Saints -- 12-4 -- Finally get linebacker and cornerback to complete the puzzle.

2. Tampa -- 10-6 -- Thomas Jones has great season at running back and Gruden signs big play wide receiver. Defense is not as dominant as years past, but still tough.

3. Carolina -- 9-7 -- Adds big play wide receiver and plays mistake free football and defense strong as ever.

4. Falcons -- 8-8 -- Too many problem areas on offensive/defensive lines, as well as the scondary to address in the offseaon. Mike Vick misses a couple of games due to injury.

Call Vegas and put all your money on those WhoDat -- I\'m due for a breakout year-- :P

[Edited on 21/12/2003 by BillyC]

WhoDat 12-22-2003 01:23 PM

NFC Probowl Team Announced
All due respect Flapjack, I think I\'ll stick to my predictions. ;) That\'s not to say that your record this year wasn\'t stellar... hehehe.

All of these are subject to change of course. I think you may be a little optimistic with your 12-4 record, which I was shocked to see again this year. LOL. ;)

I think Tampa is a team in trouble, they\'re going to fall apart a little. Carolina is only .500 since starting off so hot - they\'ll continue to fizzle this year and won\'t comeout that strong next year. They\'ll be about as good next year as they are this year, just without the 5 game winning streak to start the sesaon. Atlanta is a completely different team with Vick in there, and with a new coach and GM, they\'ll look to make big moves immediately. They aren\'t as bad this year as they\'re record and I expect them to be a little better next year then they are truly capable of.

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