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BlackandBlue 12-19-2003 09:02 AM

fastest player in the NFL?
Got into an argument with a guy at work over who the fastest player in the NFL is. He is sold that Vick can outrun anyone in the NFL. My vote goes to Randy Moss. I know that Lewis and Stallworth are both in the top 20. Anyone have any other info. This is alot better than discussing AB, keep up the good work. ;)

BillyC 12-19-2003 09:11 AM

fastest player in the NFL?
Stallworth has run a 4.1/40. I\'ve never heard of anyone running any faster.

BlackandBlue 12-19-2003 09:21 AM

fastest player in the NFL?
This is what I remember about Lewis/Stallworth.

Stallworth was the fastest on paper, with a documented 4.18/40. Lewis has been clocked at 4.2/40. Some on the team feel that Stallworth has the greatest acceleration or burst from the line, but that Lewis is actually faster when they get into sprints. I can\'t say one way or another, they\'re both faster than most everyone else. I\'ve seen Stallworth outrun players several times, and I\'ve seen Lewis chase people down on special teams. I love speed, so that\'s fine with me :D

BillyC 12-19-2003 09:27 AM

fastest player in the NFL?
Here\'s a little info. on Randy Moss...............


Along with Deion Sanders, Moss may have been the greatest athlete in our time to play college football. The 6-5 Moss, in college, could leap 39 inches and run the 40 in 4.25. He won the 55 meter dash and 200 meter run in the Southern Conference track championships after three days of practice

Danno 12-19-2003 10:16 AM

fastest player in the NFL?
Funny story I\'m sure some of you remember, Sedrick Hodge (I think) looked at film of Deuce and didn\'t think he was all that fast. I also think he looks slow, but still seems to outrun everyone.
Well Hodge challenge Deuce to a race. I think it was 60-80 yards or something.

Well the last 10 yards Deuce turned around and finished the race backwards taunting Hodge.

Another story was about Lewis. Haz saw from his window the coaches timing Lewis. He thought damn that kid looks fast.
Haz saw him run again and busted out of his office stumbling and yelling \"what\'d he run, what\'d he run?\"

The assistant yells \"4.2 coach\"
Haz yells \"time him again!\"
He runs another 4.2 and Haz yells \"SIGN HIM!\"
I always thought that was a cool story.

BillyC 12-19-2003 10:27 AM

fastest player in the NFL?
I\'ve never heard those stories before Danno. Funny stuff.........

Here\'s a little information I found.


Position Name 40 time

WR Donté Stallworth 4.2

RB Deuce McAllister 4.3

WR Michael Lewis 4.3

WR Joe Horn 4.3

RB Curtis Keaton 4.3

FS Tebucky Jones 4.3

CB Dale Carter 4.3

WR Jerome Pathon 4.4

SS Mel Mitchell 4.4

LB Sedrick Hodge 4.4

LB Cie Grant 4.4

CB Fred Thomas 4.4

LB James Allen 4.5

LB Derrick Rodgers 4.5

Source: Times research
Speed to burn
Saints: Quickness must translate to the games
Nakia Hogan / The Times
Posted on August 7, 2003

Avery Matthews / The Times

New Orleans speedsters include DontŽ Stallworth (left), Deuce McAllister (26), Mel Mitchell (40) and Michael Lewis (84).

METAIRIE - The hole for Saints speedy running back Deuce McAllister opened. But just as he revved up to dart through the defense during a recent training camp practice, it closed.

At this time a year ago, McAllister would have easily sprinted for a touchdown. Now, he gets only a minimal gain.

It isn\'t that McAllister has lost a step. His counterparts on defense have just gained a few.

\"You can see all the new speed,\" said McAllister, who has been timed in 4.3 seconds in the 40-yard dash. \"Just at certain positions, you can tell they are faster. On paper and in practice it looks (like we are one of the NFL\'s fastest teams), but if you can\'t prove it in a game, then it doesn\'t matter.\"

On paper, the Saints have upgraded the overall speed of their team, especially on defense, where the team has brought in enough fleet-footed players to rival those on its game-breaking offense.

\"They are fast,\" said wide receiver Donte\' Stallworth, who has been clocked in the 40-yard dash in as fast as 4.18 seconds. \"The defense is really faster. The main goal in the off-season was to upgrade the defense\'s speed. And I think the coaches felt like they did that pretty well.\"

After a late-season collapse a year ago, the Saints\' front office decided it needed upgrades in speed at the safety position.

Out went Pro Bowler Sammy Knight and in came Mel Mitchell, a reserve last season who has 4.4 speed. Fellow safety Jay Bellamy went to the bench, and a trade was made for Tebucky Jones, who has already started showing off his 4.3 speed in coverage.

The Saints also have speed at linebacker. Starting strongside linebacker Sedrick Hodge is a former Georgia state sprint champion, while weakside linebackers James Allen (4.5) and Derrick Rodgers (4.5) are only a half-step behind.

There\'s plenty of quickness on the defensive line as well. Rookie first-round draft pick Johnathan Sullivan, a 300-pounder, ran a 4.9 40 for the Saints, and 285-pound defensive end Charles Grant was timed in a 4.6.

But it\'ll take more than speed for the Saints to be successful this season.

\"You can be fast, but if you don\'t execute effort and run to the ball, then it\'s really nonexistent,\" Saints coach Jim Haslett said. \"The emphasis was to improve our overall speed. But really, all 11 guys have to get to the football on every snap.\"

Offensively, the Saints are as fast and explosive as any team in the NFL. Stallworth, McAllister, Pro Bowl receiver Joe Horn and All-Pro kick returner Michael Lewis all scored touchdowns of 40 yards or longer.

With that nucleus plus several other weapons, the Saints could rival the Rams\' \"Greatest Show on Turf\" as perhaps the fastest team in league.

\"Right now, it\'s hard to compare because we haven\'t played a game yet. But, obviously, this team has tremendous speed,\" said tight end Ernie Conwell, who spent seven seasons with the explosive Rams.

\"The key is not necessarily how fast you are, but it is how fast you play. That is something the Rams take a lot of pride in. They don\'t necessarily think they are the fastest team in the league, but they feel like they can play as fast as anybody. That\'s the difference. This team has a tremendous amount of speed, but we need to make sure that we are playing with that speed.\"

The coaching staff has made it a point to make sure the players know their assignments on each play, saying it\'s important to be able to execute at a fast pace and not have to think about their responsibilities.

\"That\'s what we are working on right now, making sure we get this offense and defense and special teams down to where it just becomes instinctive to us,\" Conwell said. \"Then we can go out and just play full speed. And if we play at full speed, this team is as fast as anyone.\"

BlackandBlue 12-19-2003 10:42 AM

fastest player in the NFL?
If that list is accurate, we\'ve got alot of speed on this team. I question some of the times, but they would know better than I.

BayouCajun 12-19-2003 10:55 AM

fastest player in the NFL?
I\'m sure most are hand times. Human error.
Auto-times are different.

pakowitz 12-19-2003 10:58 AM

fastest player in the NFL?

Another story was about Lewis. Haz saw from his window the coaches timing Lewis. He thought damn that kid looks fast.
Haz saw him run again and busted out of his office stumbling and yelling \"what\'d he run, what\'d he run?\"

The assistant yells \"4.2 coach\"
Haz yells \"time him again!\"
He runs another 4.2 and Haz yells \"SIGN HIM!\"
I always thought that was a cool story.
that tryout was made b/c former Saints GM randy mueller watched michael lewis play in an arena league game, and set it up. another part that Danno left out was that the 40 yard dash Lewis ran was in the rain!! it was reported that lewis was running so fast that he left a vapor trail, that story was actually printed in the times pic. and has been posted on this website, im not sure what the topic heading is, but I posted it so i know it is on here somewhere

Danno 12-19-2003 11:04 AM

fastest player in the NFL?
I\'d like to get a copy of that. I paraphrazed it so I\'m sure I butchered the story.
It was a great read.

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