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whodatsaintsfan26 11-08-2002 05:39 PM

Now What?
With Wally Williams getting suspended do the Saints still have to cut a player to get Carter on the roster? Im figuring that Williams comes off of the active roster and the Saints wont have to cut someone for 4 weeks now. Could someone please clarify?

SaintStoneyMount 11-08-2002 08:28 PM

Now What?
I would think you were right. What luck he smoked a doobie.

saintz08 11-08-2002 09:01 PM

Now What?
The question should be did Wally spark a fattie because Dale was released from his drug suspension ??

Was Randy Moss the delivery boy for this party ??

And will there be a fine for that illegal hit ??

SaintStoneyMount 11-08-2002 09:08 PM

Now What?
You would think he would suspect some scrutiny based on Dale being here. Everyone should be on alert.

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