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daviddrake2 12-21-2003 05:42 PM

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all
Even though I have not posted on the B&G boards for a while (the stress of the SAINTS just got a little overwheming this season), I still managed to watch our boys more than a few times and semi-regularly came here to get all of y'all's take on the ups and downs of the "03 season. As always, I have enjoyed reading your posts. And hopefully next year, I'll be rejoining the lively discussions herein as we look forward to that still illusive Superbowl season.

Until then, I wish each and every one of you diehard SAINTS fans a very Merry Christmas (or Happy Hannakah for our Jewish Friends) and a happy and prosperous New Year. One preferrably filled with a record number of SAINTS victories and a trip to the BIG GAME.


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