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BillyC 12-21-2003 07:22 PM

McCarthy must be Fired!!
I have thought for quite some time that McCarthy is terrible at calling plays. That was never more evident than today. Late in the game, we get to about the 10-yard line and McCarthy runs Deuce up the midldle(which hadn't worked all day) on first down, then on 2nd down he calls a QB sneak up the MIDDLE !! What is McCarthy thinking? Sure it would have been great if it had worked, but it was still a terrible decision.

This isn't the only game where the play calliing was terrible. Deuce has had a great year, but we have not been able to run the ball against good defenses. Tampa, Tennessee, Philly, and Jacksonville have all shut Deuce completely down. Well, what is McCarthy's game plan when Deuce can't run? It's to keep pounding Deuce up the middle. I'm not suggesting that McCarthy should completely abandon the running game when it isn't working, but most teams would spread the field out and keep throwing the ball and set up the run. This concept seems to be foreign to McCarthy.

I see good offensive coordinators do MUCH more wih less than McCarthy. I'm sorry, but McCarthy needs to go. I have a VERY hard time believing that this offense would be any worse under any average offensive coordiantor.

I'm not one to be talking about firing ANYONE, but this problem seems obvious to me.

McCarthy must be FIRED!!

BrooksMustGo 12-21-2003 10:59 PM

McCarthy must be Fired!!
Granted McCarthy has been lacking this season.

But I have to wonder...Does the buck stop with Jim Haslett or not? Is Jim Haslett ultimately responsible for his team and his coaching staff or not? If the play calling is consistently so bad, isn\'t it up to Haslett to address that? If the special teams are stinking it up, doesn\'t that ultimately reflect on Haslett?

I can understand the desire to get rid of McCarthy, Venturi and Everest. What I don\'t understand is how folks can say, \"poor coaching has put our team in the crapper, but paradoxically, Jim Haslett doesn\'t stink.\"

Let\'s get real, if Haslett was going to deal with anything from the coaches, isn\'t week 17 a little late to start thinking about it?

saint5221 12-22-2003 07:58 AM

McCarthy must be Fired!!
Ok boys simple solution fire them both. This team has underachieved enough, it needs new leadership.

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