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BillyC 12-21-2003 07:35 PM

Rick Venturi must be Fired!!
I'm going to start off by giving Venturi some credit. I think he has improved the defense. Especially when it comes to keeping them off the scoreboard. His defense has held opponents to 20 points or less in 10-games. He's also had to deal with a slew of injuries. Rick, you deserve some credit for the improvement. But..............

But, Rick, you are not aggressive enough. Your plan is to play the pass and make teams run the ball or dink and dunk the ball down the field. The problem with that is that teams are having too much success running the ball and eating huge chucks of time off the clock. It is also tiring the hell out of our defensive linemen. This approach also allows an offense to dictated to us what they want to do. I don't like that. I want a defense that is aggressive and get's after an offense. If they get beat, then I want it to be with the defense going 100mph. I'm tired of the read and react and all the other soft stuff.

Even though we don't have the most talent in the world on defense, I don't think we should be giving up that much yardage on the ground and I think it is a direct result of Rick's scheme. It's been that way for 3 years now. It doesn't matter who we have on defense, we still can't stop the run. Enough is enough. Rick there is a reason that you have been in the league 20-years and are just now a defensive coordinator -- You are just no good at it -- You would be better served to be demoted back to a position coach. You are in over your head Rick.

I wish you the best Rick, just not here in New Orleans. We have the makings of a great defensive line and I don't want you screwing that up Rick. See ya!!!

frankeefrank 12-21-2003 07:54 PM

Rick Venturi must be Fired!!
Good timing BullyC REality check though... The Defense is pretty good right now. 9th vs. pass coming in to today.
They only gave up 3 pts. in second half.
Your wrong.

Saint2 12-21-2003 08:12 PM

Rick Venturi must be Fired!!
Hey Billy,

That Scheme got the Saints 10 pts. Thanks to 2 ints. and good field position from them.

BillyC 12-21-2003 08:21 PM

Rick Venturi must be Fired!!
frank -- Yeah, the defense has improved in a lot of ways this year. Even though they gave up 200-yards rushing today, they made plays when they had to and held the Jags to 20 points, which should have been good enough for us to win. But, this defense has problems that I feel are a direct result of Venturi\'s defensive scheme. We play the pass just fine and have played it well for most of the year.

I see what Venturi is tring to do. His plan is to drop the safties back and stop the big pass plays. He thinks that if our defense can stop the big plays and make teams drive the length of the field by running the ball or either throw short passes, that at some point they will make a mistake. To some degree he has been successful at doing that. Clearly he has limited the number of points that our defense has allowed.

But, there is a flaw in that scheme. Teams are way too successful running the ball because he is also using a linebacker to drop back in coverage and exposing our run defense and teams are eating up huge chuncks of time of the clock. It\'s allowing the opposing teams offense to stay on the field too long and it\'s wearing our defensive linemen out.

Teams are simply dictating to our offense what they want to do. I\'m not a big fan of that. Give me a defense that is aggressive and forces the offense into mistakes, instead of just sitting back and hoping they will make a mistake.

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ami2kind4words 12-21-2003 10:56 PM

Rick Venturi must be Fired!!
Just imagine if Haslet take the buffalo coaching job, we will be rid of both Mike McCArthy & RV. Mike is not aggressive enough. The only time he feel like being aggressive is when the saints are down. I am tired of the close game decided in the 4th. The saints need more games like week 15th.

I like Haz as the saint\'s coach but can\'t stand his coordinators. If Haz is gone hope Benson hire Dennis Green

deadflatbird 12-22-2003 06:29 AM

Rick Venturi must be Fired!!
I\'ve been saying Fire Venturi all year... I still agree. Haslet is likely going to Buffalo unless he gets fired and I don\'t think that is going to happen unless Bensen has a plan set up to bring someone in first. Could be Lovie. I would personally like to see Haslet take matters into his own hands and fire Venturi himself.

WhoDat 12-22-2003 11:29 AM

Rick Venturi must be Fired!!
Billy\'s split personalities continue to wage war on themselves. Weren\'t you just arguing about how great our defense is the other day? Didn\'t you say that our pass defense didn\'t benefit from the fact that teams don\'t have to pass on us b/c our run defense is SO bad that teams don\'t even bother trying, they just run at will? Didn\'t you argue that point? Man, I\'m going to start calling you flapjack b/c you\'re flipping more than your average pancake! ;) LOL

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BillyC 12-22-2003 11:41 AM

Rick Venturi must be Fired!!
No, WhoDat, I did not say that. What I said is that teams are not running on us MORE than last year and our pass defense is playing better. And that\'s a fact. This run defense is bad, but not any worse than last year. The difference is that our PASS defense was bad last year too, and this year it isn\'t..........

I know you can read, so go back and look and what I REALLY said :mad:

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WhoDat 12-22-2003 11:45 AM

Rick Venturi must be Fired!!
\"And that\'s a fact.\"

I start twitching everytime I hear you say that. A fact where? In the real world? Billyland? Billyville? Billyton? New Billmore? How many other alternate personality/reality worlds are there Flapjack?


BillyC 12-22-2003 11:49 AM

Rick Venturi must be Fired!!
Flapjack? Nah.........That would be your opinion of Aaron Brooks. One week you want to trade hjm the next week you like him. I just read a post you made where you think he will be in the pro bowl next year.

Want me to bring the syrup ----Flapjack?

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