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ami2kind4words 12-21-2003 11:35 PM

Oh Well ...mock draft
1st rd. D. J. Williams Linebacker
2nd rd. B. J. Johnson Wide reciever
2nd rd. Nat Dorsey Offensive Tackle
3rd rd. Ricardo Colclough cornerback
5th rd. Dunta Robinson cornerback
6th rd. Elbert Craig safety

Veteran lost

Dale Carter too expensive, take paycut or leave
Darrin Smith the younger LB taking over
Derrick Roger too expensive
Ashley Ambrose ability to cover diminished
Spencer Folau
Michael Pathon

Veteran addition

Charles Woodson
Chris McCalister

SFinAustin 12-22-2003 09:15 AM

Oh Well ...mock draft
Robinson and Colclough won\'t fall to those rounds. We would have to take them in the second. We might be able to get Johnson in the third though.

BlackandBlue 12-22-2003 10:08 AM

Oh Well ...mock draft
I find this whole post unrealistic. Most of the players you have on the draft, you have us getting lower than expected, even 1st rounder DJ Williams, who some say is the best LB in the draft. Our draft pick will be somewhere in the middle teens, and I doubt he survives past the top 10 picks. Then you have us signing TWO shut down corners- not going to happen. Can\'t afford it. Then you are giving up on 6 players, let\'s see some consistency with the roster, you cannot afford high turnover every year- it destroys team chemistry. I don\'t mind replacing scrubs, but six more potential starters? Keep Rogers and Pathon, Rogers is playing for $1 million, which doesn\'t seem too expensive to me, considering he is the best LB we have on the staff, and Pathon has proved that he can play numerous times over. He\'s had one bad game, and you are ready to deal him? I could see BJ Johnson in the 2nd, but do you want to pick up another reciever? I know we\'ve seen too many dropped passes this year, but QB\'s have been complaining about the slick footballs have been harder to hold onto this year, you think recievers have had issues catching those same footballs? I like Dorsey in the 2nd round, but with so many teams having injury problems on the O-line this year, I forsee a ton of lineman being drafted in the first two rounds this coming year, similar to the rush we saw on defensive tackles last year.

Danno 12-22-2003 03:03 PM

Oh Well ...mock draft
Will Poole, USC
Dunta Robinson, S.Carolina
Keith Smith, McNeese St
Derrick Strait, OU
Nathan Vasher, Texas

Jonathan Vilma, Miami
DJ Wiliams, Miami
Karlos Dansby, Auburn
Dontarrious Thomas, Auburn
Michael Boulware- FSU

1 from each column and I celebrate like a drunken sailor!
2 from each column and I do naked cartwheels in my front yard!

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