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SFinAustin 12-22-2003 10:17 AM

Where's my Trophy???
I won the Superbowl in league #4. Where's my trophy? My term as champ has started!

nocloning 12-22-2003 11:05 AM

Where's my Trophy???
I may win league #2 tonight, although I\'m only up 58 points right now.
So if Favre throws for 400 yards and 7 TDs I need Charlie Garner to somehow get me 5 points. Go Charlie!

JOESAM2002 12-22-2003 12:02 PM

Where's my Trophy???

I tried to put this on for you but didn\'t know how so you get to go by the link. LOL

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WhoDat 12-22-2003 12:09 PM

Where's my Trophy???
Hey Joe, I don\'t need a trophy, I\'ll just need you to call me Sir until next season. LMAO! ;)

rusta 12-22-2003 12:16 PM

Where's my Trophy???
hold on there austin, i still got 2 guys going tonight

granted i don\'t think farve and davenport can put up 60 points but you never know

even in what looks like sure defeat i feel pretty good having dominated the entire league all year, i mean one loss and an upset loss in the chamionships becasue portis was out? i thnk we all know who the real champ is
LOL, congrats man

JOESAM2002 12-22-2003 12:21 PM

Where's my Trophy???
And the bet was?


You\'re a big talker for a guy who won\'t bet Joe!

C\'mon, let\'s just do a gentlemen\'s bet, just for even more bragging rights. I\'ll bet that I outscore your team EVERY week of the season. You up?
Did that happen? Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! LOL

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