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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; OK, well, let\'s just pour some more gas on this fire... Let\'s say that Brooks is a good QB and some team out there with a top 5 draft pick WOULD trade their #1 for Brooks and another draft pick ...

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OK, well, let\'s just pour some more gas on this fire...

Let\'s say that Brooks is a good QB and some team out there with a top 5 draft pick WOULD trade their #1 for Brooks and another draft pick from us (you choose the round), WOULD YOU PULL THE TRIGGER??

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No. It would set the franchise back atleast three years. In this parody league, the window of opportunity is short and the Saints are coming up on theirs. Take a look at the squad. They\'re very young and improving. They will be better next season. The team is maturing, slowly but surely. QB isn\'t the Saints biggest concern. It (replacing him) shouldn\'t be addressed. Better coaching with more accountablility is the answer in my opinion.
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WhoDat --

No, I would not. We have a QB in Aaron Brooks that just completed his 3rd year as a starter and is ranked number 6 in passer rating in the entire NFL. His TD to interception ratio is by far the best in the NFL. He also had to deal with several receivers dropping passes this year or he would have enjoyed greater success.

Is he perfect? No. Should we expect him to be perfect? No. The fact is Brooks is improving. He had the fumbling problem this year, but has done much better since the Tampay game. I know the Brooks critics want to use the fumbling issue or anything they can think of the get rid of the guy, but trading Brooks to draft ANY player is ridiculous and that includes Eli Manning.

If you are going to make a case to trade Brooks to draft another QB, then you could make that same arguement to trade Matt Hasslebeck or just about any other QB. All QB\'s have their strengths and weaknesses. If Brooks hasn\'t silienced his crititics to some extent, I don\'t think they will ever be happy with him.

Brooks has gone up against 3 of the best defenses in the league lately, without any running game, and has picked those defenses apart. Brooks will be entering his 4th year as a starter next year and he will continue to improve. Now, why would we want to trade him in hopes that some rookie QB will do better or even as good?

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Better coaching with more accountability is the answer in my opinion.
That statement says it all. I also think if we are going to make a run for the super bowl next year we need to keep Brooks. But we need a coaching staff that will hold him accountable for his screw ups, and not just on the field. One of Brooks\' biggest problems is his off the field mannerisms. We have great receivers, but it doesn\'t seem that they like taking a hit for Brooks. This is not a team that will go all out for their QB. If \"Has\" stays we most get a new Offense coordinator and 3 stud player on defense.

Donte Stallworth, yes he didn\'t play a lot this year. But he had hamstring problems. And hamstrings are hard to heal up totally. Better we allow him to heal totally then to play with a nagging hamstring year after year. His legs are the most important thing in his case (speed).

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