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whowatches 12-23-2003 03:09 PM

I feel a draft...
We should pick around 15th or so, right?

I'm thinking that we could land a pretty solid LB at that position. Dansby out of Auburn, maybe?

What do you guys think?

How far might somebody like Phillip Rivers fall? If he fell to, say, the third round, would that be a valuable pick up?
(**Disclaimer: I am not trying to have a qb debate. I just think it would be nice to plan for the future. Please do not construe this thread as an attempt to undermine our current starter.)

SFinAustin 12-24-2003 03:45 PM

I feel a draft...
I would be giddy if we landed CB DeAngelo Hall in the first and Vince Wilfork in the second. Wilfork may be a stretch in the middle of the second but he should be there at the beginning. A trade up may be necessary, like a 2nd and a 5th for a top 5 second rounder, but it would be worth it!

And....Philip Rivers would go in the second. With Bouman being signed long-term, Rivers is out of the question. Aaron Brooks IS and WILL BE our QB.

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RiverCitySaint 12-26-2003 12:05 PM

I feel a draft...
What we should do is look at BJ Symmons (QB Texas Tech University). He has set records all across the book the past two years. He\'s graduating this spring and it\'ll be interesting to see who picks him up... Jut a thought.

whowatches 12-27-2003 10:38 AM

I feel a draft...

Aaron Brooks IS and WILL BE our QB.
I said I wasn\'t trying to open that can of worms. I was merely thinking that it would be nice to pick up a young qb in the third, fourth or fifth rounds. Haslet thought about Simms last year.

I want AB to be the starter next year... just thinking about the future, especially at the number two position (Bouman is 31?).

Anyways... I think LB is the position we should address in the first round. I would rather see us draft a LB than a DB in the first, even if it\'s Hall. I just think we can find better DB in FA than we can a LB.

SFinAustin 12-27-2003 11:59 AM

I feel a draft...
No can of worms open here. Just stating the facts for those who are in denial. I wouldn\'t mind seeing them pickup QB Timmy Chang from Hawaii as an undrafted free agent or 7th rounder. If there\'s one thing he\'s good at, it\'s firing the ball downfield.

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