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JOESAM2002 12-24-2003 09:03 AM

Bizarre, cruel ending befitting of 2003 Saints
Didn\'t I post this Monday? :P

Danno 12-24-2003 03:32 PM

Bizarre, cruel ending befitting of 2003 Saints
I think John DeShazier used to post here. He\'s the most negative anti-Saint I\'ve ever read. The next good thing he writes about the Saints will be the 1st good thing he ever writes.
The Saints could cure cancer and this idiot would point out something negative about the procedure.
He could truly be the most negative writer on the planet, and of course its quite fitting he writes for the Saints.

All the negative vibes he eminates are absorbed quite gleefully by a multitude of like-minded Saints fans whose sole purpose is to find a negative about anything Saint related and hammer it until their feeble little insecurities are consoled by other Saint fans wallowing in the same egocentric self pity.

OK, maybe a little over the top, but you get my point.

[Edited on 25/12/2003 by Danno]

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