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BillyC 12-25-2003 09:35 AM

Hugh Douglas on "the play"
Rich Eisen: Joining us from Jacksonville is Hugh Douglas, who was involved in that crazy play in the end. And as a matter of fact, if I'm not mistaken, Aaron Brooks laid a block on you to free up [Jerome] Pathon to get into the end zone.

Hugh Douglas: Yes he did, man, and I mean ... It was a good block. I didn't even see him coming. I was looking up in the air at the ball thinking to myself, how wonderful it's gonna be to make this play and have everybody just love me at the end of the game. But it didn't go down like that.

Eisen: Well, how crazy was it? I mean, did it last so long that you had a sense of mind to say, "Oh my goodness. This thing may actually hit." Or was it just happening so fast?

Douglas: Well, you know what? I was kind of jogging down the field and I'd seen all the laterals going on and I said, "Well, wait a minute." I said, "This play is still alive. I could make this play." So then, that's when I take off to start running and that's when I'd seen Deuce [McAllister] throw the ball in the air and I'm running and ... wow, there it is! And there it was. And you know, that was the end of it.

Seth Joyner: Hey now. When I was looking at the game yesterday, it was just amazing to me how many guys were trying to go for the strip in a situation like that. Just tackle the guy and the game is over!

Douglas: Yeah, you're right about that. I think everybody just wanted to get the ball back and try to score on that play because it was just wide open. It was ... the field was wide open, but at that point, when I'd seen the ball lateralling so much, I just wanted to make a tackle and try to get it over with, 'cause that was scary. That was definitely scary.

Eisen: Can you quickly explain how it goes from just being so upset with having this happen to you to so elated with that extra point being missed?

Douglas: Well, you know man, it was just like, "Oh my goodness. We're going into overtime." We didn't want to go into overtime because when you got a team like that, that has that momentum going into overtime, it's kind of bad, but when he missed that kick, it was just like ... you would swear we just got into the playoffs, 'cause everybody was jumping around and just so happy and it was just ... you know, it was Mark Brunell Day and that was a great way for him to go out.

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