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BrooksMustGo 12-29-2003 03:56 PM

HaslettWatch 2004
Gregg Williams is out as the Buffalo Bills' coach after missing the playoffs in all three seasons.

Ok everyone, cross your fingers that Buffalo heads straight for Haslett's door....

ScottyRo 12-29-2003 04:18 PM

HaslettWatch 2004
Ok, so Buffalo might want him. Why? I know about his connection with Buffalo, but that can\'t be enough. Not to mention that the Bills fired Williams for missing the playoffs the past three years which is exactly what Haslet has done.

I still like Haslet as our coach, but one thing bothers me about him. That is: the refs in this league hate him. Every week this season our games seemed (even more than usual) full of bad spots and bad calls all of which went against the Saints. With the implementation of the \"Haslet Rule\" this year, I think they\'re out to get him.

We were easily a 9-7 team, perhaps even 10-6 if the refs would not have made calls so bad against the Saints that the NFL had to apologize. That\'s a shame and even though I don\'t think it is an NFL conspiracy, I do believe that the refs have allowed their judgment on the field to be tainted by their feelings against Haslet.

In the end it\'s hard to say whether he should be fired. I don\'t believe he will because Benson would have to pay 3 years of salary to Haslet unless Haslet coached again. His going to the Bills seems like the only way he\'ll be gone and, like I said, I don\'t see why they\'d want him so badly.

DarkSaint504 12-30-2003 10:24 AM

HaslettWatch 2004
Haslet is not going anywhere because Benson is not going to eat his salary ala Ditka. Brooks is not going either. 2004 the Saints will live and die with Haslet and Brooks.

blake6900 12-30-2003 11:52 AM

HaslettWatch 2004
Dennis Green for HC/GM!!!! --ScottyRo

You funny...yes Green got the Vikings to the playoffs...only to lose. No Super Bowls. Then when the Vikings tried to fire him, he played the \"race card\". Now I\'m not saying Green was right or wrong but it seems to me if racism had been a problem in the Vikings organization, Green should have said something sooner. Instead, he waited until his job was jeopardized. That kind of stuff is the last thing the Saints need.

There\'s a reason why Green hasn\'t gotten a head coach job yet and this might be it. It\'s a dirty little secret that he brought upon himself. Who wants a head coach you can never fire for fear of racism allegations? I\'d rather have Tom Coughlin or Emmitt Thomas...we don\'t need another \"quarterback-friendly\" coach, do we?!

ScottyRo 12-30-2003 12:44 PM

HaslettWatch 2004
You funny, too, Blake.

You slight my suggestion of Green because he never took his team to the Superbowl, then you turn around and suggest a couple of coaches who never made it either. What\'s up with that?

I like Green because he turned the Vikings into contenders that made the playoffs consistently. No, he didn\'t take them all the way, but that doesn\'t mean he can\'t. I\'m not making any claims that he is a \"QB\'s\" coach or anything like that. I don\'t care abaout that. I just like what he did with Minnesota, that\'s all.

As far as the race card, I don\'t really remember much about that, but if I remember correctly, Green was fired after one year under new owner McCombs. So, if that\'s true, we can\'t say that if the old leadership had stayed and fired him that he\'d have made the same claims. Maybe he believed the new owner didn\'t give him a fair shot.

IF he played the race card, it may show something about him. That is, that Green is human just like everone else and sometimes says things he later regrets. Who knows? But I know that if Benson brought Green here, he\'d give him a fair chance to succeed and that is all any coach can ask for regardles of the color of his skin. If he is not treated fairly, then he has every right to make accusations about such and speculate as to the reasons why he was treated so unfairly.

Anyway, your desire to have only a superbowl winning head coach sure does limit the candiudate pool. I bet Seifert and Ditka are still available. All of this doesn\'t matter anyway because I\'d be extremely surprised to find out that Haslet was let go. We should be able to count on at least one more year of Haz.

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