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NFC South Predictions

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Saints 12 -4 Yucs 10-6 Falqueens 9-7 miss playoffs Panties-5 -11 Now some of you X and O guys ..explain why i might be right.....

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Threaded by strato
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Saints 12 -4
Yucs 10-6
Falqueens 9-7 miss playoffs
Panties-5 -11

Now some of you X and O guys ..explain why i might be right..

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Saints 11-5
Falcons 10-6
Bucs 9-7
Panthers 7-9
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Saints 13-3
Bucs 9-7
Fal 9-7
Pant 7-9
Atl's schedule is brutal.
Gives them a built-in excuse.
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Saints 11-5
Falcons 10-6
Bucs 9-7
Panthers 7-9
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NO: 13-3

W1:W(@ GB); W2:W(vs CHI); W3:W(vs HOU); W4:W(@ JAX); W5:W(@ CAR); W6:L(@ TB); W7:W(vs IND); W8:L(@ STL); W9:W(vs TB);
W10:W(@ ATL); W11:BYE; W12:W(vs NYG); W13:W(vs DET); W14:W(@ TEN); W15:L(@ MIN); W16:W(vs ATL); W17:W(vs CAR)

ATL: 10-6

W1:W(@ CHI); W2:L(vs PHI); W3:W(@ TB); W4:W(@ SEA); W5:L(vs GB); W6:W(vs CAR); W7:W(@ DET); W8:BYE; W9:L(@IND);
W10:L(vs NO); W11:W(vs TEN); W12:W(vs MIN); W13:L(@ HOU); W14:W(@ CAR); W15:W(vs JAX); W16:L(@ NO); W17:W(vs TB)

TB: 7-9

W1:L(vs DET); W2:L(@ MIN); W3:L(vs ATL); W4:L(vs IND); W5:W(@ SF); W6:W(vs NO); W7:W(WBL CHI); W8:BYE; W9:L(@ NO);
W10:W(vs HOU); W11:L(@ GB); W12:L(@ TEN); W13:W(vs CAR); W14:L(@ JAX); W15:W(vs DAL); W16:W(@ CAR); W17:L(@ ATL)

CAR 2-14

W1:L(@ ARI); W2:L(vs GB); W3:L(vs JAX); W4:L(@ CHI); W5:L(vs NO); W6:L(@ ATL); W7:W(vs WAS); W8:W(vs MIN); W9:BYE;
W10:L(vs TEN); W11:L(@ DET); W12:L(@ IND); W13:L(@ TB); W14:L(vs ATL); W15:L(@ HOU); W16:L(vs TB); W17:L(@ NO)

Only 2 NFCS teams with winning records. No science behind the prediction: all gut.
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NO: 12-4, We have about 5 really challenging matchups, I think realistically we drop one of them, then I think the Rams are a trap game, sandwiched between home games with the Bucs and Colts. Then at the end of the season, we should have the conference locked up and will probably rest for a game or two.

Tampa; 11-5, Tampa was a playoff team last year, but because of the NFC South they were 3rd ranked, which gives them a total powderpuff schedule this year. They will drop 2 games to the conference (at least), the Colts and the Pack will thump them and I can't see all those young guys playing well on the trip to London, a little too immature to keep their focus.

ATL: 10-6, Their schedule is brutal and they are very thin at some key positions (particularly defense.) I can't see them losing a hard week one at soldier field, then their home opener vs. Philly. If they beat Philly they will likely be too tired and unfocused to beat Tampa at Tampa, if they lose, they will likely kill Tampa. I can't see them dropping any games between them and when they play us in November, but I do think they will start seeing injuries breaking down their secondary and pass-rush, which will have them dropping 2 to us, the Texans and potentially the Colts the week before us. If they beat Tampa early in the season, chances are Tampa will beat them at the end, the douche-birds have one of the weakest home-fields in the league along with the aforementioned injuries.

Cam Newton: 5-11, This is being really generous. I think they might nab one or two conference wins near the end of the season, (Saints last game of the year for instance, why risk an injury to the damn Panthers?) but even with those I can't see them beating anyone other than maybe the 'skins or the titans...they may lure one of either the jags or the vikings off-guard one week as well.
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NO 12-4
ATL 10-6
TB 10-6
CAR 5-11
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Saint's 12-4.... Dirty Birds 10-6.... Bucs 8-8......Panthers 6-10
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By Stength of Schedule (W-L) Atlanta has the easiest schedule in the south & Carolina has the hardest.

True Atlanta has a HARD schedule against run defense BUT we have one of the hardest schedules against pass defenses.

This is going to be a tough season in the NFC South - the team that stays the healthiest throughout the season has a chance to walk away with the division (ok maybe not Carolina)
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Hmmmm let's see here. We were 11-5 last year with no running game, sorry special teams and not much in the way of run stopping either. I'm thinkin' the '72 Miami Dolphins might not be quite as special come Feb. Just sayin' TWO DAT!

Bucs 11-5
Atl 10-6
Car 2-14
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