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Danno 12-31-2003 02:31 PM

More linebacker woes
All Saint Linebackers on our roster...
Total Sacks - 2
Total tackles for loss - 6
Total Interceptions - 2
Total Forced fumbles - 1

Tedy Brusci (New England Patriots)
Sacks - 2
Tackles for loss - 5.5
Interceptions - 3
Forced Fumbles - 3

One linebacker from the Patriots makes more big plays than our entire roster of linebackers.
I haven't looked but I'll bet there are several more.

saintz08 12-31-2003 04:09 PM

More linebacker woes
Season stat wise :

Derrick Rodgers appears to be the top Saint linebacker .

Rodgers is the 71 st out of the top 100 .

Bruscci is the 15 th ranked .

What position did Haslettt play ??? Hmmm any bells going off ???

WhoDat 01-01-2004 08:24 PM

More linebacker woes
What was the ONE BIGGEST position the Saints needed to revamp last off-season when they had the 5th most money available in free agency??? Anymore bells going off???

I wouldn\'t be surprised if the Saints did NOT pursue a playmaker at MLB OR CB this offseason. Seems crazy? Yeah, it did last season also. And people like Danno (then Tweeky) were predicting there would be 7 or 8 new starters on this team too... sound familiar? I wonder why we\'ve been 7-9, 9-7,and 8-8 in the last three years.

Danno 01-05-2004 03:20 PM

More linebacker woes
I would hope this staff has learned the meaning of the word continuity. I see a much more typical 3 or 4 starter turnover this year. I don\'t think an overhaul is gonna happen again. Besides most of the players we have now are Haz\'s.

I feel much better about 2004 than 2003, which many, including me, predicted was a 10-6 year and which many also qualified with \"barring major injuries\". Well the 2nd most injuries in NFL history is what I\'d consider major injuries, but thats just my whacko view of things.

If we suffer that many injuries again then that points to ANOTHER problem associated with this team. I think all the excuses have been used up, and this staff knows its now or never. I\'m sure they consider themselves very lucky that they ALL weren\'t canned.

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