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saint5221 01-01-2004 12:56 PM

Is Nero Fiddling as Rome Burns?

Is Nero Fiddling as Rome Burns?
By Dan Indest - Staff Writer -

What the heck could Saints owner Tom Benson possibly have been thinking when he took to the Superdome floor to do the “Benson Boogie� after the team’s victory over Dallas last Sunday?

What was there to celebrate after yet another season of mediocrity?

Just last Tuesday, in a meeting with the staff, Mr. Benson chastised the group for “underachieving� this year. Did the season-ending win over the Cowboys, in a game that meant little to either team, so impress the “emperor� that everything is now hunky-dory? Take a closer look Mr. Benson, and I’m sure you will see the flames rising amidst your empire.

After an amazing run to the playoffs in 2000, the present regime and coaching staff has pieced together so-so 7-9, 9-7, and 8-8 seasons, and no trips to the playoffs. The original promise of a three-year turnaround is becoming much fresher in most fans’ minds while the much ballyhooed “only playoff win in team history� is quickly fading from their memories. You can only play the “Hakim dropped the ball� card so many times.

Fans see other teams turn things around quickly and wonder why the same cannot be done with their beloved Saints. In this era of free agency, as players come and go with such frequency, quality coaching is the single most important factor for a team’s success. Jim Haslett has had four years to show that he is the man for the job, but he has failed. This season, he got everything he wanted. Training camp was moved to Metairie and a new indoor practice facility was constructed. Yet the team still looked ill prepared in pre-season, which in turn led to a stumbling 1-4 start in the regular season. The entire staff must go.

Tom Benson’s dancing endorsement of the present staff will come back to bite him in the near future. Many longtime fans are beginning to grumble. They will voice their displeasure by not renewing their season tickets, as they perceive the owners inaction as a commitment to mediocrity. What Mr. Benson fails to realize is that the avid supporters of the Saints have set loftier goals for the team than the owner himself. They want a championship.

Surprise us all, Mr. Benson. Set a loftier goal. Clean house. It's not too late to change your mind.

deadflatbird 01-01-2004 04:46 PM

Is Nero Fiddling as Rome Burns?
8-8 didn\'t make play-offs... AT LEAST WE BEAT DALLAS

WhoDat 01-01-2004 08:53 PM

Is Nero Fiddling as Rome Burns?
That\'s a fabulous article and puts it perfectly.

RiverCitySaint 01-02-2004 05:20 PM

Is Nero Fiddling as Rome Burns?
Hey Dan
That was one good article you wrote and I appreciate it. Personally I cannot imagine why a NFL team owner would even think about not \"cleaning house\" as you put it. I have always been a Saints fan and always will be, but I am afraid there are many who might stop their support one way or another. Without fans at the Dome, maybe someday there will be no more Dome. How sad is that ?
Does Tom Benson keep mediocre staff becuse of personal fondness? I have heard it so. I have been told he is very loyal to his coaches (recent firings being the exception) and team members. This being an otherwise good thing, it IS time for some new blood in the Dome: new blood which might be able to take us to the Super Blowl some day. I have often said, often in the midst of jeers, that just once before I leave this earth, please let my Saints go to the Super Bowl.
At the very least we did beat Dallas on our turf. I loved discussing this with my fellow native Texans, many of whom do not understand why I am not a Cowboys or Texans fan, which makes things somewhat difficult here in Texas. Fair weather fans of those teams is common, but not with me. I am a Saints fan and so is my wife and our 13 year old daughter.


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